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There is new information on our intelligence agencies failures prior to 9/11, the policy behind what Edward Snowden revealed about the NSA’s warrant-less spying on all Americans, and an upcoming Congressional vote on whether to upend the Fourth Amendment and make spying legal and permanent.

See The NSA’s Role in 9/11.

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Dated: Nov. 25, 2017

The Next Phase Begins For 9/11 Law Suits

As of Nov. 22, 2017, we’re waiting on Judge Daniels’ decision on Saudi Arabia’s motion to dismiss. The expectation is that with the declassification of the 28 pages and passage of JASTA, there is no way the motion can be granted. The next stage is then “discovery”. This will be the furthest the case has advanced and can be considered a breakthrough.

(March 24, 2017) News flash! With the release of the 28 pages and passage of JASTA, on Monday, March 20th, the next phase of 9/11 law suits has now begun. A new suit against entities in Saudi Arabia representing 850 9/11 family members has been filed. See mainstream coverage at CNN, and USATODAY.

This is happening despite the ongoing campaign by Saudi Arabia to get the JASTA bill amended to remove the JASTA provision lifting sovereign immunity and place them beyond the reach of discovery in court. The Saudis are obviously very nervous about withstanding the legal scrutiny that is awaiting them. They’ve spent millions among more than a dozen PR firms and are currently spending $1.3 million per month to enhance their image among the U.S. public and its government, and to effectively render JASTA irrelevant.  In recent months they’ve gone to extreme lengths by actually sending some military vets on expense-paid trips and tricking them into influencing members of Congress to support an amendment being proposed by Sen. John McCain and Lindsey Graham diluting the legislation. See for yourself at

We can safely assume there are other entities who are also worried about what could be revealed as the cases move forward. Since Spring of 2016, opposition to the release of the 28 pages as well as passage of JASTA by the Obama administration and high level security state officials is a key indicator. The influence of the “Deep State” is clearly visible. ​

Now the unfolding of the drama will take place at a new, elevated level. This is the stage that has been sought after for many years by 9/11 family members and justice advocates. A significant aspect of the 9/11 attacks which has been in litigation since 2002, has spent years in limbo due to legal maneuvering by the Saudis and suppression of evidence, is finally moving forward. The 9/11 families and their legal teams have been compiling evidence and building their case quietly in the background all along.

“Bill Doyle, a former New Yorker who retired to Florida, lost his son, Joseph “Joey’’ Doyle, in the World Trade Center. Doyle served as database and communications coordinator for Strada’s group, helping find other 9/11 families around the country to lobby Congress. He said “whistleblowers from all over the world’’ have provided information that can be used to prove Saudi involvement in the 2001 attacks.​” (Full USATODAY article. ​)​​

As a result, there is just no telling what will transpire. There’s reason to believe it will be historic, there will be headline level coverage, there will be a continued necessity for vigilance, and continued opportunity for activists to establish a substantial politi​​cal constituency calling for full spectrum justice for 9/11.​ Doing so will clear the way for progress for all social movements working for peace, functional democracy, and all areas of justice here and abroad. Please spread the word.

Activists in support of JASTA were present in Washington, D.C., for the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20th as well as the Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21st. Tens of thousands of people across the political spectrum saw the banners and at least a few thousand received literature.

Protect JASTA

NOTE: The site is updated to reflect the release of the 28 pages on July 15, 2016, passage of JASTA, and the way forward.

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