Clothing Drive: NO DEAD NATIVES

CALL TO ACTION: #NoDeadNatives: Clothing Drive for Our Unsheltered Relatives

23509277_190767061485549_4322731039730825651_o.jpgCALL TO ACTION
NO DEAD NATIVES: Clothing Drive

When: November 19th, 2017 to December 9th, 2017
Where: Various Locations in Gallup and Albuquerque;

The Red Nation Office Space – Message The Red Nation before Drop-off
Indigenous Rights Center- 202 Harvard Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Barry Klopfer Law Office- 224 W Coal Ave, Gallup, NM 87301
University of New Mexico Gallup- Student Den

In 2015 The Red Nation presented the No Dead Natives: The Gallup Reporton border town violence in Gallup N.M. The report included statistics on the exposure deaths of Natives in Gallup. During the winter of 2014 and 2016, 26 Natives died from exposure. The report high-lights the lack of response on the city’s part to help our relatives. Along with the report, The Red Nation set up a clothing drive for those who remain susceptible to the environment.

Gallup profits considerably from Native work and culture yet the native population lack adequate housing and health service. The city has yet to aid to our unsheltered relatives. To prepare for the winter, The Red Nation is setting up sites for donations for those who lack housing continuing the clothing drive from last year. We are starting our drive at Native Beats at the UNM Student Union Building Ballroom on November 19th. We are seeking:

(XL sizes only): Warm Coats, waterproof gloves, scarves, hats, winter gears, sleeping bags, backpacks, camping gear, blankets, canned food, non-perishable foods, MREs (Meals-ready-to-eat).

Children: Coats, gloves, and sweaters.

We will be collecting women’s hygiene products.

We demand that zero exposure deaths this winter. Our relatives are in need of clothing and supplies to prepare them for the winter. We are setting up donation sites in Gallup and Albuquerque. The rate of poverty for children within the Mckinley county is 50% and it is because of this we are extending our donations to winter clothing for children.

#NoDeadNatives #TheRedNation

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