British Politician Mentions Jews in American Politics-I Say: “What About the “Jewish” ZIONIST Influence in American Politics?”

Farage–‘Jews should concern Americans more than Russian influence’ 

by TUT editor

ed note–Please consider the shrill, screeching tones coming out of the mouth of organized Jewry to Farage’s truthful comments and compare them to what the Jewish historian Josephus writes in his book ‘The Jewish Wars’, chapter 8 almst 2,000 years ago–

‘Every Jewish scoundrel from the Siccari, surrounded by his own gang of thugs, stood out from his followers like a bandit chief or dictator and used his henchmen to plunder and rob respectable citizens…The result was that their victims kept the criminal actions of these scoundrels to themselves while the rest–through fear of the same fate–flattered those whom they should have battered and beaten. In short, free speech was completely suppressed and tyranny reigned everywhere and from then on, the seeds of the coming destruction were being sown in the city…’

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