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On Franken, Trump shouldn’t have gone there

by TUT editor

ed note–Here’s where things with the whole ‘Hurricane Harvey’ thing get a little bit sticky, no pun intended.

That the recent revelations concerning Sen. Al Frankin’s sexual assault (s) of the past is part and parcel of HH is without question. Had the original news involving Weinstein not hit the fan a month ago, we would not be hearing about this now.

In this case case however, it is more than likely that it was NOT Trump, Inc that originally set the ball rolling with regards to Franken, but rather the other side.

The real target of the whole ‘Frankenstein’ aspect to this is Roy Moore, who is running for a US Senate seat for the state of Alabama, and all can rest assured that were he not running for this Senate seat, we would not all be witnessing all the present noise involving the sexual indiscretions which Trump’s enemies have conjured up against him.

First, let’s talk about Franken. He’s an obnoxious Jew who used to be a macher in Hollywood. He’s a liberal and supports every liberal cause that already exists and even those that haven’t yet been invented. He’s a piece of garbage and definitely represents ‘the swamp’ which Trump, Inc intends to drain.

However,  the one thing that makes him problematic to Judea, Inc and its designs is that he has come outVERY PUBLICLY against Impeachment of the president, citing as his reason for doing so the fact that VP Mike Pence–who would take over as president were Trump impeached and then convicted–is a ‘zealot’.

Franken did not just choose this word, ‘zealot’ because it happened to have a nice ring to it. Certainly, as a Jew, he understands the VERY Judaic connotation associated with this term, as it was the term specifically given to a group of warmongering Judaic religious terrorists in the 1st century AD whose foolish rebellion against Rome brought about the destruction of Judea/Israel in 70 AD.

Therefore, as far as Franken’s role as a cog within the wheel of Judea, Inc’s machinery against Trump and its plans of having him removed, he’s a problem. Remember as well that it is the Senate where the entire Impeachment process takes place.

Therefore, all can assume that suddenly, out of the blue, sexual harassment charges involving Al Franken–which took place years ago and which only received the light of day NOW, were done in the capacity of keeping the momentum against Roy Moore moving forward, a Trump ally, who, if he were to be elected to the Senate, would prove an EXTREMELY problematic element in terms of impeachment.

Remember that just because Hurricane Harvey might have been loosed by Trump as part of his ‘drain the swamp’ strategy against Judea Inc, this does not mean that Judea, Inc would not be willing to engage in the very same tactics and even against one of their own, and anyone who doubts this should revisit the case involving the late Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, the Jewish Senator who came out VERY PUBLICLY against the invasion and destruction of Iraq following 9/11, whose time in the US Senate was abruptly cut short by a tragic plane crash and whose seat in the Senate was taken over by–drum role please–Al Franken, who both looked up to and admired Wellstone.

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