Another ZIONIST Lawyer on Crooked Mueller’s Team to Destroy Trump’s Presidency

Mueller team lawyer Andrew Weissman brings witness-flipping expertise to Trump probes

by TUT editor

ed note–let us explain to you briefly what this means in the event it isn’t readily apparent.

Judea, Inc does not have ‘da goods’ on Trump vis a vis ‘RussiaGate’, but they don’t need ‘da goods’. All they need is to find just one or two close associates (or people who can be PAINTED as ‘close associates’) to Trump, overwhelm them with criminal charges that aggregately carry a very lengthy prison sentence, and–VOILA–you now have a ‘cooperative’ witness, meaning one who can be induced into perjuring himself by bringing false testimony against the one who is the actual target, in this case Trump.

What all of this should underscore is the fact that–despite the hysterical and poorly-conceived ‘theories’ that have been screeched out there by various ‘experts’ in ‘duh muuvmnt’–Trump is not ‘owned’ by Judea, Inc. Gangsters don’t kill the horse they have bet a huge amount of their money on to win in a race which they fixed ahead of time. This is a no-brainer and should not need any kind of elaborate explanation and the fact that even to this day (and with events as heady as what we are all witnessing right now) that this DOES need to be explained goes a long way towards underscoring just how ineffective and incompetent the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ has become.

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