Weinstein Allegations Go Back Decades-He Is Being Brought Down at This Time By Design; The ‘Jews’ Running Hollywood are ALL ZIONISTS!

Timeline of Weinstein allegations dates back decades

by TUT editor

First known incident was in 1984; the Jewish film producer has denied have non-consensual relations with any women

ed note–a few things worth noting here–

Every single individual coming forth at this time and playing it up ‘big’ with their moral grandstanding knew about all of this going back decades and yet remained silent, which of course begs the question ‘why now?’, wherein 2 possibilities exist–

1. Weinstein screwed a fellow tribe member over in some fashion and is now being run through the wringer in the same manner as Bernie Madoff was for robbing fellow Jews, or

2. That Trump’s people are engaging in a little pushback/payback and are showing that they have ‘da goods’ on plenty of operatives working in the service of Judea, Inc in trying to bring him down.

Either way, the one thing that all can know for sure is as follows–Weinstein is just a small fish in this regard and everyone on the inside knows it. People wonder how it is that mass shootings, the de-evolution of an otherwise civilized society and the manner by which the reasoning ability of the average American has been reduced to the level of a ham sandwich takes place, and the entire Weinstein affair gives us a micro-glimpse into it all, as Hollywood is just Torah/Talmud Judaism conjured forth from the dark minds of those under its dark spell and the means by which institutionalized evil sits back like a film director and watches as the script he himself wrote is played out in the real world.

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