Real Reason For Mueller Being Used in Coup Against Trump: Replacing Old System of Looting & Destroying With New System of Infrastructure & Development

To be posted tomorrow, Thursday, October 11th, 12 noon Eastern – Last week, the Schiller Institute inaugurated a weekly webcast, to bring to the attention of citizens throughout the world the incredible new dynamic which has been unleashed around China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI is defining a New Paradigm for mankind, which means an end to geopolitics, with its endless wars, its bailouts and bail-ins of bankrupt financial institutions, and its demands for deadly austerity against the vast majority of people. This dynamic, which Mrs. LaRouche characterized as the “Spirit of…READ MORE

October 11, 2017

With President Trump set to begin a long series of summit meetings in Asia in just three weeks, defeating the attempt to drive him out of office is not a gradual resistance: It is an immediately urgent fight. If the witchhunt now being led by “special counsel” Robert Mueller is stopped, the President may use this trip to advance the agenda which brought him to office, that of essential cooperation for peace with the great powers China and Russia, and of the transformative infrastructure building which can “make America great again.” The two objectives are linked in the act of the United…READ MORE

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