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Luis Iriondo is one of the last “survivors” of the assault on Guernica.

New York Times : As Catalonia Crisis Deepens, Many Basques Wary of New Independence Bid


Upon glancing at this latest piece about the Zionist-inspired attempt to destabilize Spain — the leading nation of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) Movement targeting Israel (here) — Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of the Anti-New York Times were immediately triggered by the opening sentences:


“Deep in the hills of the Basque region, in northern Spain, Luis Iriondo tapped a bridge with his walking stick.

Mr. Iriondo, 95, is one of the last survivors of a notorious assault on Guernica during the Spanish Civil War in 1937. He was 14 when German bombers fighting for Gen. Francisco Franco reduced this town, for centuries a sacred symbol of Basque identity, to rubble.

The now 80-year-old tale of the “notorious German assault” which “reduced this town to rubble” during the Spanish Civil War is every bit as persistent, every bit as annoying, and every bit as false as every other myth, fed to us as accepted fact, about the big bad “Nazis.” These libelous lines call for a bit of truthful revision of Fake History. Sugar, fire up the Time Machine and set the dial to 1936, the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.


1. Germany’s tactical air-support for Franco’s Nationalist forces helped to turn the tide of the war in Franco’s favor. 2. The Basque region, where Guernica is located, still remains one of the most libtarded / commie areas of Spain. 3. What really happened at Guernica?



Nationalist General Francisco Franco leads a rebellion against the democratic socialist government of Spain. The country is deeply divided, with Socialists, Communists, and liberals fighting for the government, and Nationalists, conservatives, and the Catholic Church favoring Franco. The war becomes a proxy war between Nationalism and Globalism. Germany, Portugal and Italy provide military aid to Franco as Stalin sends arms to the Spanish government.

The Comintern (Communist Internationale) sends volunteers to fight for the Spanish regime. American and European Communists of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade — 7,000 of them Jews — arrive to fight alongside the Reds. As usual, Red / Jewish fighters commit ghastly atrocities against civilians, such as setting fire to the wives and children of Nationalist officers after dousing them with petrol. Determined to stamp out Christianity, they rape, torture and murder nuns, set fires to priests, and burn churches with the worshippers locked inside.



1. The Jewish-supported Reds, as usual, were the one committing the shocking war crimes. Image 1 depicts the firing squad “execution” of Jesus. 2. The corpse of a nun was dug up, put on display and mocked. 3. The volunteer Abraham Lincoln brigades consisted of communists — many of them fanatical Marxist Jews from Poland, USA and France

*The 2,300 Jewish volunteers from Poland later returned home and, with the blessing of the Polish government, began abusing Germans trapped in the Danzig / Western Prussia region.


The Basque region is a hotbed of Communism filled with Red guerrillas essentially using the civilian populace as “human shields” (much like today’s “ISIS” did in Syria towns). For purposes of dislodging the Spanish Reds, the Germans carry out strategic and limited air-strikes on Guernica, which the Communists and their western sympathizers in the Fake News of the day will soon in spin into atrocity propaganda (much like the recent false allegations which accused against Russia of targeting civilians in Syria).

The Basque Reds claimed that 1,600 people killed were killed at the time. But Spanish researchers later put the number in a range between 120-150. The Germans maintained that the raid was limited to the strategic target of a single bridge, while Franco’s Nationalists accused the Communists of having deliberately burned and dynamited parts of Guernica for propaganda purposes — an opinion shared by prominent British journalists and totally consistent with Communist methods of operation.

In a 1969 letter to The Times (London), noted author/historian Brian Crozier, rebuts an inaccurate account of Guernica:

“In The Times of June 26, which I read in Paris, PHS repeats a hoary old myth and invents a new one. Not even Picasso, to my knowledge, has accused General Franco’s forces of bombing Guernica and causing the deaths of two thousand people. The usual myth is that the Nazis were responsible. This view, however, is incompatible with the evidence of the German Foreign Ministry Archives and with other evidence now available, some of which I analysed in my book on Franco.

There was, in fact, a minor Nationalist air raid, in which the targets were a railway station and an arms factory. Some German bombs may also have fallen on the town. But the massive destruction was caused by systematic dynamiting of one quarter of Guernica — and one quarter only — by the retreating Republicans.”

Ironically, Picasso’s masterpiece probably celebrated a non-event.”

The Spanish Civil War finally ended in victory for Franco, but the Marxist myth of the Guernica bombing, given a huge boost by the Communist “artist” Pablo Picasso, took on a life of its own after World War II — a seven-decades-old (and counting) period during which even the slightest expressed doubt about any accusation, no matter how absurd, hurled at The Great One (that’s Hitler for you newbies and normies) will be automatically deemed “anti-Semitic” and get you kicked out of the academic “cool kids” club.

Let the usual suspects squeal all they want — but the fact remains: the accepted version of the bombing of Guernica represents a classic case of Fake News fermenting into Fake History. Don’t believe it!



1. Picasso, whose career was enabled by Jewish art dealers, was a Stalin-loving Communist 2. Picasso’s portrait of his hero, Stalin. 3.Picasso’s ugly hyped-up painting, titled: “Guernica,” was painted soon after the fake event. Because of Picasso’s “international acclaim,” the commie-crap-on-canvas gave the Communist-Jewish lie of Guernica a huge propaganda boost.


 Boobus Americanus 1: There was an old Spanish man feautured in a New York Times article today. He was a survivor of the Nazi terror bombing of Guernica in 1937.

Boobus Americanus 2: I heard about the Guernica bombing. Picasso actually did a famous painting to portray the suffering.



Sugar: Boobuss!!! You credulous cretin! Pablo Picasshole wass a frickin’ degenerate Communisst! What did you expect?


Editor: “Pablo Picasshole?” — (palm to face, shaking head, sighing)



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