How Endless Wars Have Ruined Our Economy

Adam Dick

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October 20, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – In a new interview with host Jesse Ventura at RT, former presidential candidate and House of Representatives Member Ron Paul discusses the harm imposed on the American economy by the succession of US wars over the last few decades, from the Korean War onward, that drain money away from prosperity-building activities in America. 

“Just think if all the money we have spent overseas since World War II ended, if that money had been left in this country to let wealth grow,” proposes Paul. Had that happened, Paul says there would not be so many people using food stamps, the middle class would not be dwindling, and the jobs situation would be better in America. While the American economy in general has been hurt by the wars, Paul notes that some Americans have benefited financially. Paul concludes, “It’s insanity to think that war improves your economic condition; it improves the condition of the war manufacturers.”

This economic damage. Paul points out in the interview, is just one of the ways that “the wars hurt us here at home.” Wars also lead, Paul argues, to government efforts, such as via the USA PATRIOT Act, in contravention of Americans’ freedom.


Watch Paul’s complete interview here:

My Comment:  Each overseas soldier costs $1 Million a Year….This is why we’re broke and choking on debt!

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