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That Other Plot — to Bring Down Trump

by TUT editor

ed note–as we have pointed out here for over 2 years (unfortunately much of it ignored by people who already had their minds made up and didn’t want to be confused with the facts) the theory/notion that somehow Trump is ‘one of them’ falls flat on its face when considering the concerted and highly-organized effort on the part of Judea, Inc and all its various tentacles to bring him down. Organized Jewish interests DO NOT shoot their best race horse and especially not if they already ‘fixed’ the race he was about to run and where they stood to win millions.

Unfortunately, we have to point this out yet again and especially now as we are witnessing all the gears turning vis a vis the latest business involving special counsel Mueller and the indictments he has just handed down. The fact that the alleged criminal activity on the part of Manafort happened years before Trump was even an issue does not matter a whit and especially not with a brain dead American public who doesn’t know the difference between EYE-rak and EYE-ran. In their minds, one of Trump’s ‘buddies’ just found himself in the hotseat with the effa-bee-eye and therefore, where there’s smoke there is fire and therefore Trump must be guilty.

For those of us who make it our business to follow politics and who understand just how bad things are these days, Trump may not be the Lone Ranger we all envisioned, but the fact is, he is the only thing standing between us and the very same Armageddon which our enemies have been planning and plotting now for thousands of years, and for that reason alone–even if we don’t entertain any affection or admiration for the man–we at least owe it to ourselves NOT to assist in the conspiracy to bring him down so that WWIII can then be put back on track.

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