FDA Rx Drugs Killing More People Than All Shootings Combined

FDA-approved prescription drugs killing more Americans than all shootings combined
Mike Adams With hysterical calls for gun control now making the rounds across the media, we thought it might be wise to look at what’s actually killing the most Americans.

It turns out the real culprits are FDA-approved prescription drugs, not guns. Opioids alone are killing 560 times more Americans each year than the number who died in the Las Vegas Mandalay massacre.

Read the shocking truth about the real causes of death in America.

Also today: I’ve analyzed the official story of the Las Vegas shooting, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is physically impossible for a retired 64-year-old accountant with a gambling habit (and no military training) to have pulled off this attack.

That’s why I’m now calling it “Mission Impossible,” because the official story is impossible to believe.

Read the 11-point breakdown of why the official story is bogus.

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