American Taxes Funding Israel Settlements: American Money For Zionazi’s!

Israel Plans 2,615 New Settlement Housing Units; Get Busy Paying Your Taxes, Americans!

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BY RICHARD EDMONSON – The [Israeli] government is sending a clear message to settlers–build illegally and anywhere and we will find a solution for you. It is clear that Netanyahu is prioritizing his settler constituency over the rule of law and the  possibility for peace. Build illegally and anywhere you want. We’ll find a solution for you. CONTINUE READING

Jewish Settlers Filmed Stealing Olive Harvest of West Bank Palestinian Farmers (VIDEO)

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HAARETZ – Israel Police detained four settlers over the past week on suspicion of involvement in stealing olives from Palestinian farmers’ groves in the northern Gaza Strip, but all of them were released. An NGO provided documentation that shows settlers in the act and throwing rocks, and Palestinian farmers claimed that settlers stole from and vandalized hundreds of trees.

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WATCH – Jewish Settlers try to hit Palestinian woman with a car

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Genocide in the Torah – The existential threat of Amalek

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MY JEWISH LEARNING –  In 2006 Conservative Rabbi Jack Reimer, Bill Clinton’s rabbinic counsel during his presidency, created a stir when he associated Islamic fundamentalism with the biblical nation of Amalek.

“I am becoming convinced that Islamic Fundamentalism, or, as some people prefer to call it, ‘Islamo-fascism,’ is the most dangerous force that we have ever faced and that it is worthy of the name: Amalek. We must recognize who Amalek is in our generation, and we must prepare to fight it in every way we can. And may God help us in this task.”

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