The agreements which are now being reached at the Sept. 3-5 BRICS summit in Xiamen, China, which are tied into the immediately subsequent Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, in Russia’s Far East, will do much to shape the future history of humanity for the remainder of this century. The BRICS itself, as China’s President Xi Jinping pointed out there, is a totally new feature of world politics—it is not an alliance, but a partnership, in behalf of the mutual interests of the partners as well as the non-partners.READ MORE

September 5, 2017

Just as Hurricane Harvey must serve as a wake-up call for Americans to mobilize for an emergency economic recovery program at home, the mounting threats of thermonuclear war, such as the crisis on the Korean peninsula, should serve as the final wake-up call for the world to declare that the era of geopolitics is over and the time has come for a win-win paradigm of peace through development. RSVP for the special event with Ray McGovern and William Binney this Saturday in New York City, and watch the full…READ MORE


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