Thank You United Arab Emirates! Beautiful Gesture!

United Arab Emirates gives $10m for Hurricane Harvey recovery

by MG editor

And Gaza? Iraq? Syria?….

My Comment:  Let Us Not Forget Gaza, Iraq, Syria.  We, in the United States, owe it to these nations to help rebuild their infrastructure and rebuild their nations.  We owe them what they had before we bombed, incinerated and mass murdered their people!  For those who need proof see Tulsi Gabbard video below.

GULF NEWS – The people of the UAE stand with Texans who have been impacted by this disastrous storm,” said Ambassador Al Otaiba. He added: “In times like these, friends help each other, and the UAE is committed to helping Houston and other communities rebuild.” 

The UAE has long track record helping US communities in need after natural disasters. UAE gifts and volunteer projects helped communities recover after Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Hurricane Sandy (2012). In addition, the UAE helped Joplin, Missouri rebuild in 2011 after one of the largest tornados ever recorded in the US devastated the community. CONTINUE READING

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