‘Jewish’ Are Exempt From Fighting Wars They Get Us Into; Zionist PACs Control D.C.

How They Do It–Netflix launches ‘Greenhouse Academy,’ remake of Sabra tween drama

by MG editor

The media giant trusted the Israeli creators to produce the American version of the boarding school show

ed note–as we pointed out here years ago, the US invasion and annihilation of Iraq pushed by organized Jewish interests was as much the handiwork of Judaic black magic cast by individuals such as Jerry Seinfeld as it was by notorious Judaic warmongers such as Bill Kristol, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, etc. Remember that years before this long-planned for holocaust, the JMSM made sure to seduce the American mind on a daily basis by whispering sweet nothings into the ears of gullible, unsuspecting Americans vis a vis how funny, witty, and lovable Jews as a group were/are. Night after night, Seinfeld was pumped like a narcotic into the American psyche, causing Ma and Pa Kettle (and undoubtedly a good number of their chilins as well) to roll on the floor in raucous laughter over something nutty that Kramer said or did, Elaine’s latest sex-scapade that took a quirky turn, George’s worry about the size of his manhood or Jerry’s latest stand-up routine that didn’t turn out as planned. Besides Seinfeld, we had blockbuster movies such as Independence Day, where the entire human race, threatened by an unstoppable alien invasion, is saved by–drum role please–a nerdy, environmentally-conscious Jewish boy named David and his VERY religious Jewish father Julius.

And now we have–another drum role please–a brand spanking new miniseries coming out of Israel whose target audience is–YET ANOTHER role please–the yoots of America. All can rest assured that the picture that will be painted will be of a gaggle friendly, funny, witty, harmless Israeli yoots, mirrored images in fact of American kids, except, of course, BETTER (but only slightly, since we don’t want the Americans to figure out just how organically racist and elitist that Israelis really are) because they are ‘God’s chosen people’. Undoubtedly, there will be episodes where Yaacov, Zvi, or Mirev get called up for active duty in the IDF and who then go on some religiously-mandated bloodbath in Gaza but who will OF COURSE be depicted like those average American kids who join up because ‘they just want to serve their country’ against those evil, fanatical dark-skinned Jihadists.

And, of course, like all the other poisoned apples that are offered by Judea, Inc to a thoroughly Judaized American with an appetite for her own destruction, this new miniseries will be–in the schtick made infamous by the Jewish comedian Billy Crystal–‘simply maaaaavelous’.

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