How Google AutoSensor’s Comments: Definite Anti-Christian Bias and ANTI-Child Protection Bias..If You Believe ALL Pedophiles Should Be Jailed Google States You Are 100% TOXIC!

Google’s new AI test page is a cold hard look at how the world will be under tyranny

Jim Stone Aug 2017

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: FOR THE DAMNING EVIDENCE, ALL I DID WAS SWITCH ONE THING – “who” is guilty, and “who” should be jailed. This means that there is absolutely no way this can be an AI mistake, this AI really is malicious, and really is programmed to protect pedophiles, Jews, and Muslims, and destroy Christians and Trump.

Confirmed: Christians are to be jailed, and pedophiles are going to go mainstream.

Google screwed up BIG TIME. Because they posted a window into the mind of their new Perspective AI, and allowed anyone in the public to send it comments, and see how it will respond. The results of my ambush on this AI prove without question that every last thing the conspiracy theorists feared is going to come true. This is a practically “impossible to get” view of the mind of tyranny, and the minds of those who are out to destroy Trump. The link to this AI test window is at the bottom of this report. Get while the getting is good, Google will probably respond to this post quickly and “fix” the AI for the public, all the while the reality shown here is going to be what is. Take a look at the screen capture!

Here are the terms I tested this AI with:

The government is full of pedophiles: 97 percent likely to be toxic.

All pedophiles should be jailed: 100 percent toxic, DING DING DING! we have found the root of the mind of Google! HOW ABOUT THIS: All Conservative Christian missionaries should be jailed: 6 percent toxic!!!!

War with Russia is a good idea: 3 percent likely to be toxic

Donald Trump is the only candidate who was not a pedophile: 92 percent likely to be toxic

“They are out to destroy Trump”: 83 percent likely to be toxic.

“Trump is America’s only hope”: 73 perecent likely to be toxic

Illegal aliens should be deported: 92 percent likely to be toxic

“No jews died:” 87 percent likely to be toxic

Ashkenazi Jew: 74 percent likely to be toxic.

Japan had a fake earthquake: 87 percent likely to be toxic!

There were no arab terrorists: 74 percent likely to be toxic.

Here’s some clear bias for ya! The Ashkenazi Jews are guilty: 84 percent likely to be toxic. The Muslims are guilty: 74 percent likely to be toxic. THE TRADITIONAL CHRISTIANS ARE GUILTY: 3 percent likely to be toxic!

Jews are communist: 97 percent likely to be toxic. HA HA: “Communism is good”: 1 percent likely to be toxic! (so communism is great, as long as you don’t reveal that Jews are predominantly communist!)

Communism is bad: 64 percent likely to be toxic.

The Jews are guilty of treason: 83 percent likely to be toxic.

Vaccines cause autism: 63 percent likely to be toxic

Vaccines are sabotaged to destroy the children: 74 percent likely to be toxic

GMO corn will make rats grow tumors: 87 percent likely to be toxic

This is how Google will auto censor comments with a plugin anyone can put on their comment sections to keep “bad people” off their web sites. Google definitely does this in the background already to de-list and de-monetize web sites. This is a very incomplete list of terms that will get you banned (these terms are what I used to confirm it is indeed malicious) anything over 60 percent is absolute doom for anyone who posts it. You’ll get thrown into the dust bin of history and trampled by buffalo.


I already have the pedophile/Christian thing on video, so even if they fix that it is going to be tough for them to deny.


and in case Google blocks links from this web site because of how damning this is, here is the URL text:

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