Germany Not Really U.S. Ally Anymore: Gets Rid of US Warheads-Still Zionist Occupied Germany Though

Germany to get rid of US warheads on its territory

30.08.2017 | Source:


Germany to get rid of US warheads on its territory. 61169.jpeg

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel supported the initiative of the leader of the Social Democratic Party, Martin Schultz, about the export of US nuclear warheads from the territory of Germany.

“I am convinced that we must finally resume the conversation about demilitarization, and in this connection I agree with Mr. Schultz. We need to get rid of the nuclear weapons in our country,”  the German minister said, The Local reports.

Reportedly, there are about 20 US nuclear warheads deployed at Buchel airbase in Germany.

Germany discusses nuclear disarmament with Russia and the United States. For the time being, it remains unknown which agreement the countries have come to.


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