I was told about this 20 years ago and how Diana was constantly drugged by the Windsors to control her (see The Biggest Secret)

‘Could there be a sadder postscript to the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death than the revelation that doctors, and possibly some members of the Royal Family, believed she might have had a congenital condition that could be passed on to future generations?

The extraordinary assertion, detailed in a letter to one of Prince Charles’s closest mentors, suggests this was primarily the concern of the Queen’s former physician, who feared Diana was suffering from a mental disorder that was ‘dangerous’ and posed a ‘dynastic disaster’ to the House of Windsor.

What makes this revelation so chilling is that the doctors were worried not for the welfare of the Princess — their patient — but for the future well-being of the royal house. Some would argue that it was a shameful betrayal of a young woman desperate for help.

Equally disturbing is the realisation that at the time these were the prevailing views of some of the most distinguished minds in the medical profession called in to treat Diana.

In fact, as we know, her anxieties stemmed not from some inherited mental problem, but from the ever-present Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles in her marriage and what she perceived to be the cold indifference of the royals.’

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What Really Happened To Princess Diana – David Icke

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