UN is a Zionist Creation & WHO is Under Zionist CONTROL!

WHO Cancels Shipment of 500,000 Cholera Vaccines to Yemen

by nooralhaqiqa

ED Noor: Genocide of the Yemeni people has been given the silent nod and now the UN takes this ruthless action to further their demise. This is not the first genocide, mostly hidden, of the past centuries, but it should be the last.

With at least 320,000 cases of cholera in the country, the outbreak is caused by widespread damage to infrastructure during the Saudi-led war, U.N. officials said.

While the latest figures confirmed over 320,000 cases of cholera in Yemen, the World Health Organization announced that it would be canceling the planned shipment of nearly one million cholera vaccines to the country torn apart by a Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign, citing security and logistical concerns in the decision to cancel the shipment.

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