The Children of Table 34-Alfred Kinsey’s Pedophile Based Research

The Children of Table 34 – Alfred Kinsey’s pedophile-based research

The Children of Table 34 (Parts 1, 2, 3

Dr. Judith Reisman lists documentaries on Alfred Kinsey and the childhood sexualization agenda.

Judith Reisman’s research on Kinsey.

Points discussed in The Children of Table 34:

  • Systematic molestation of over 300 children.
  • Ideas about “normal” childhood sexual development come from this criminal research.
  • Sex educators are trained based on the Kinsey model.
  • Co-author Pomeroy’s books that sexualize children.
  • Reisman’s study shows huge number of images associating sex with children and violence in pornographic magazines.
  • Discussion of the fraudulent nature of Kinsey’s research by J. Gordon Muir. See this article by him.
  • Kinsey provided what people thought were “scientific” arguments in order to counter moral objections.
  • Kinsey’s horrendous description of supposed “orgasms”.
  • Very interesting section on sexual indoctrination of academics, e.g. “nude body workshops”.
  • Three institutions subscribing to Kinsey Institute train most sex educators.
  • Names of key academics involved in running SIECUS including Pomeroy. Also Mary Calderone (Planned Parenthood).
  • Quote by Lester Kirdendall:
    “Programs of the future will probe sexual expression with same-sex partners and even across generational lines. With a diminished sense of guilt, these patterns will become legitimate. And the emphasis on normality and abnormality will be much diminished with these future trends.”
  • Many sex education programs start at Kindergarten under the excuse of “safe sex” and preventing AIDS.
  • Documentary for children showing them how to wear a condom.
  • Academics who support pedophilia have their own magazine.
  • Changing concept of family. De-normalizing nuclear family.

SIECUS consulted on 2009 UNESCO sex education report: see UNESCO report from 2009 and International Planned Parenthood Foundation propaganda from 2011

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