Soros, Convicted Felon/ZIONIST, Funds Phony Activist Groups and Funds “Refugee” Swarm Into EU

Soros and EU striving for ‘mixed, Muslimized Europe’, says Hungarian PM Orbanby Sabba


Sabba – Mr. Orban, you are a traitor to your people. If you were truly a patriot and loved your people, you would leave the EU. It is the EU who is destroying our nation-states, our unique and diverse cultural identities. It is the EU who wants your people to stop feeling Hungarian and Christian, it is the EU who is forcing upon your people a new judaic tailor-made new identity: European and secular/atheist.

I have said it before: it is the EU who wants us to stop feeling French, English, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and wants us to only feel ‘European’ despite the fact that there is no such thing as a ‘European’ cultural identity.

Culturally speaking, a French has absolutely nothing in common with a German, an Italian as nothing in common with a Finn, a Spanish has nothing to do with a Swede etc. There is a ‘Latin/Mediterranean’ cultural identity which is very visible when people from Latin/Mediterranean countries find themselves in Protestant/Germanic countries: they are naturally and almost instinctively drawn to each other, they will hang around each other, they will befriend each other very easily, subconsciously recognizing that they are part of the same cultural sphere. I could be wrong but I do not think there is a Germanic cultural identity as I have never seen Scandinavians, Germans, Dutch, British being naturally and instinctively drawn to each other. Far from it.

If Orban were a true patriot, he would not only get his country out of the EU, which is nothing but the first step-stone to the JWO,  but he would also start denouncing the JUDAIZATION of the EU by speaking out more about the Jewish European Union which sits in Brussels too. Surely, he must know about it.  Why does not he speak about it?

We can speak all we want about the fallaciuous belief of an ‘Islamization’ of Europe, some call it the ‘great replacement’ to come. But when we will start speaking about the total judaization of Europe, about the great replacement which has already taken place at the top of our countries/societies? Who owns our politics, our medias, our banks, our Academia, our corporations, our Churches? Muslims? How many European Catholics are shocked at the growing presence of Menorahs or star of David inside our Catholic Churches? How many of them are protesting against it? None.

But, while there is no Islamization of Europe, there definitely is a ‘chocolatization’ of Europe which I am seeing everywhere I go. For the past 3 years, France, Spain, Italy, Germany have witnessed a tsunami of Black African ‘migrants’ who, in their overwhelming majority, are not Muslims but… wait for it… CHRISTIANS! 

There also is a flood of Indians from the subcontinent (not sure whether they are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka) in Spain, Italy, France and Germany and no, they are not Muslim either.

Where have these come from? Who brought them in? Why is no one talking about those? Why the emphasis only on people who come from countries who were once Muslim? CUI BONO?  CONTINUE READING

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