Rothschild Khazar ZIONIST Judea Wants Trump Gone-Want Greater Israel Project Completed!

How They Do It– ‘There is a moral vacuum at the head of the republic’by MG editor

ed note–as a follow-up to yesterday’s program and news updates, the entire Charlottesville fiasco–from the violent Antifa mobs on the left to the AR15 toting Neo-Nazis and white robe wearing KKK members on the right, all of it was a worthy-of-Spielberg production from top to bottom, north to south (no pun intended) left to right (again, no pun intended) and all in the service of Judea, Inc’s drive to put additional pressure on an American president that the Jewish state wants GONE immediately before he can do any damage to the Greater Israel project with his ‘ultimate peace deal’.

What’s most amazing about this entire phenomenon is the utter, absolutely stupidity of those making up the ‘alt-right’ who cannot/will not see how their incautious actions over the weekend have greatly assisted the agenda of the very same enemies whom they claim to be opposing. The ultimate deal maker will be dealing with the ultimate gorilla on his back as a result of all of this for the next 3.5 years, if he lasts that long.

In the meantime, our esteemed alt-right/WN ‘bretheren’ in the movement are now planning as many as 9 additional marches for this upcoming weekend, and all can rest assured that it will be as littered with images of AR15s, Neo-Nazi regalia and salutes and white robes as was the gathering in Charlottesville.

The reason Jews look so disparagingly at Gentiles whom they consider as dumb as beasts in the field? Because in large part they are correct. We fall for their tricks almost every time.

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