Here Are Colin Kaepernick’s Parents-Both White Who Nurtured Him & Gave Him Every Opportunity in the World!

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Supporters of N.F.L. quarterback Colin Kaepernick attended a rally outside N.F.L. headquarters in Manhattan

My Comment:  I believe Kaepernick is being used by the Rothschild Khazar Zionist Mafia to create civil unrest…wonder how much his girlfriend is being paid?

NY Times: Kaepernick’s Protest Cascades Into Protests Over His Job Situation


For the benefit our non-U.S. readers who may not be familiar with this sports-related drama, Colin Kaepernick is the former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers football team who caused controversy last year by refusing to stand for the National Anthem before games. The purpose of his gesture was to protest “police brutality” TM against Black thugs and “racial oppression” TM in general.
Kaepernick’s cry-baby act then went to another level as he sported cop-killing Black Panther shirts and cops-as-pigs socks.
With the Piranha Press praising the “courage” of the mulatto Kaepernick, several other player-clowns found their own “courage” and followed suit with similar anthem protests. These protests and divisive rhetoric did not go over too well with the majority White fan base of the NFL. Millions of fans actually boycotted the NFL last year. This is mainly why no NFL team wants to sign Kaepernick to a contract for the coming start of a 2017 season which — by the devious design of the usual suspects who control professional sports leagues and sports media — is already shaping up to be a very racially politicized “anti-Trump” year in the majority Black NFL.
Kaepernick’s commie cancer has since spread to other NFL teams as well as college teams.
The basketball teams are doing it too now!


The broader philosophical irony of the shit-storm which kooky Kaepernick has kicked up is that Kaepernick’s own life experience offers us a powerful double refutation of his flawed premise of “Black oppression.” You see, not only was it a Black man who did him wrong, but it was a group of loving White people who gave him a great life.

The ingrateful P-whipped fool — clearly under the influence of his ultra-libtarded Egyptian-American girlfriend, MTV star Nessa Diab — in spite of his own life story, is too stupid to figure out what is really ailing so many Black American youths. We’ll get to that in a minute. But first, let’s have a look at the little race-baiting “Brown Sugar” that wrapped this foolish footballer around her little finger, radicalized him, ruined his career, and may end up ruining the National Football League if this nonsense isn’t checked soon.

Kaepernick’s Black Power antics — including the growth of that 1960’s “Afro,” began very soon after getting involved with Ms. Diab, who has referred to NFL owners as “slavemasters.” Because of her selfish activism and influence over him, Kaepernick’s once-promising career may already be over… It is amazing and pathetic how a bit of T & A can turn some men into damn fools.


Now, as for Kaepernick’s life story — his biological mother, Heidi Russo, was knocked-up by a Black man when she was just 18 years old. Upon hearing the news, baby daddy abandoned babby momma — TYPICAL! Poor and pregnant, Heidi could very easily have exercised her “right to choose” TM by having the unborn baby chopped-up in her womb. But, to her credit and sacrifice, she brought the baby to term and then placed him for adoption with a White couple that had been introduced to her.

Rick and Teresa Kaepernick already had two children — a son Kyle and daughter Devon — and were looking for a boy after losing two other sons to heart defects. They adopted Colin as raised him with the same love and attention with which they reared their biological children. Thanks to this White Christian couple, Colin Kaepernick didn’t lack for anything. He was raised very well and maintained “straight-A” grades while excelling in baseball, football and basketball. His success in athletics was, in large part, due to the mentoring and guidance of his sports-minded father and his loving older brother, Kyle.

The “oppression” which Nessa Diab’s pathetic boyfriend is protesting is the result of “men” like his absentee biological dad — a real lowlife who did nothing for his seed but abandon him. There can be no higher form of “oppression” than that– which is precisely why so many fatherless Black boys and men struggle throughout life.

One would think, given the facts of his personal life story, that Kaepernick, of all people, would be able to understand what damage the crisis of fatherless kids (73% of Black births) has wrought upon “people of color” TM. But never underestimate the stupidity and folly of a man under the influence of the sex urge — especially a man who may also be undergoing an identity crisis due to his mixed race. Perhaps this whole notion of inter-racial adoption isn’t such a good idea after all. 

1. Heidi Russo. Kap’s biological mother was abandoned by a Black mansoon after she became pregnant.  2 & 3. Young Colin was given opportunities in academics and sports by his adopted White parents. 4.Brother Kyle helped Kaepernick to get a sports scholarship by making videos of him and mailing them to colleges.

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