Google-Zionist Engine of Mind And Genetic Control


Google – Zionist Engine Of Mind
And Genetic Control
‘Google This’!

By Philip Jones
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 Tel Aviv is internationally recognised not only as one of the world’s `Prostitution Capitals`, but also a centre for white slave trading in Russian Children. Additionally, it is a major player in drugs trafficking acting as a Trans-Shipment point for Heroin and Ecstasy.

Google – Zionist Engine Of Mind And Genetic Control

It is no secret that Google‘s founders, Larry Page and Russian born Sergey Brin are `very` interested in the Zionist State, and have known ties there. It should also be of interest to note that these two `entrepreneurs` were financed by Andy Bechtolsheim, the Co Founder of Sun Microsystems.

Rothschilds Worth 500 Trillion – Rothschilds Net Worth

Rothschilds Net Worth is $400 Billion. Rothschilds Net Worth is $400 Billion. Rothschilds is an European dynasty. Rothschilds family was believed to have possessed the largest private fortune in the

Rothschild’s are ZIONISTS!


The Zionist Elephant In The Room –

The Zionist Elephant In The Room The David Icke Newsletter The Elephant … The last two US administrations are testament to the extent of Zionist (Rothschild) …

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