Generals Run WH-Russia’s Satan Nukes-This Place About to BLOW!

Generals have taken over the Trump White House; Free speech under attack; Weekly Wrap-Up.

With Bannon out of the White House and Democrat advisor Gary Cohn under attack, Lee and Garland ask whether the Generals like Kelly and McMaster are about to achieve a White House coup.

In the second round of today’s show, the ACLU caved to pressure to not support “hate speech” and with leftist protestors preparing to shut down another free speech event in San Francisco, is the First Amendment dead?

Finally, we’ll have our weekly wrap-up to discuss stories the media has buried including the Awan Brother scandal, plus the Ukraine-DNC election interference in the 2016 race.

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Russia’s New ‘Satan‘ Nuclear Weapons System … – Newsweek…

Video embedded · Russia has for months been testing a giant nuclear weapons delivery system that can carry 10 heavyweight warheads—enough …


Conspiracy theorists have made the astounding claim that Putin’s military forces in Syria deployed and tested advanced weapon systems developed under a secret military technology pact with extraterrestrial species.

According to Dr. Preston James in an article titled “Putin’s Wild Card in Syria” published on Veterans Today, Putin’s bold intervention in Syria provided the Russian military with the opportunity to test weapon systems developed under top-secret projects in partnership with alien allies.

According to Preston, the Russians now appear to have a wide variety of ultra-high-tech weaponry based on exotic extraterrestrial military science and technology. Some of the alleged advanced weaponry, according to conspiracy theorists, includes supersonic torpedoes based on advanced alien inter-dimensional UFO cloaking technology.

The Russian army also deployed missiles based on alien “inter-dimensional entangled communication to evade interceptions,” Exopolitics reported.

The missiles function as “hived” systems that are able to disperse, regroup, and re-target mid-flight. The missiles are also able to execute complex mid-flight maneuvers, such as spiral patterns.

Alien craft in the sky
Russia deployed alien technology in Syria, according to conspiracy theorists. [Image via Shutterstock]

Preston claimed that according to insider sources, the Russians also deployed stealth aircraft equipped with systems based on alien inter-dimensional UFO cloakingtechnology that renders aircraft invisible or undetectable during flight.

Conspiracy theorist Michael Salla pointed out on his Expoolitics blog that many aspects of Preston’s analysis appeared to be corroborated by previous reports issued by the ET space program whistleblower Corey Goode.

Goode claimed in several reports published on his Sphere-Being Alliance blog that top military powers run covert space military programs under secret treaties with extraterrestrial beings.

The Russian space program, according to Goode, is called Cosmosphere.

The U.S. government, according to Goode, is part of an ET alliance called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

A sensational conspiracy theory claim emerged in the conspiracy theory blogosphere recently, claiming that documents obtained by hackers show that a sum of about $8.5 trillion that Pentagon was unable to account for was actually spent on a black projectto build a Star Trek Enterprise-style star ship that has been launched into space under a top-secret government-ET space program (see video below).

Similarly, Putin’s Russia has reached agreements with alien species under the space program Cosmosphere. Russia’s alien partners help to develop and supply advanced weapons to the Russian military.

Putin allegedly renewed Russia’s treaty with the unnamed alien species during a meeting held on the Moon in March 2015. During the meeting, the aliens promised the Russians access to advanced technology to support the country’s intervention in Syria.

According to conspiracy theorists, unbridled avarice caused the global elite to conspire with alien species against the rest of humanity. The elite have suppressed information about contact with alien species and the availability of advanced science and technology that can help to solve a lot of problems and challenges facing humanity, such as in the fields of medicine and food production.

Aliens have been exploiting the avarice of the ruling elite. They have reached an advanced stage of a sinister plan to take over the world by 2030, according to conspiracy theorists. The Gray-Reptilian confederates have developed alien-human hybrids and are secretly integrating them into human society as part of a plan to take over the world by 2029-2030.

According to Preston, sources within the secret ET space programs claimed that ISIS troops are paid mercenaries of the Illuminati cabal. Many of the soldiers are genetically engineered clones and cyborg super-soldiers created using advanced Draco-Reptilian alien genetic engineering technology and deployed by the NWO-Globalists.

The Draco Reptilians, according to conspiracy theorists, are among the evilest and bloodthirstiest of known alien species fighting for control over Earth.

Alien folklore claims that they consider human flesh a culinary delicacy.

The reason why, despite their advanced technology, the evil Reptilians have not taken over Earth is that they are opposed by other powerful and benevolent alien species such as the Pleiadians and the Arcturian aliens.

It is also believed that the ET species that the Russians have signed a treaty with are old enemies of the Draco Reptilians. Russia’s ET allies deliberately supplied the country’s military with advanced weapon systems and ultra-high-tech electronic systems to counter the Dracos. They instigated Putin to intervene in Syria to checkmate the Draco-Reptilian-backed Illuminati cabal that controls President Barack Obama and the U.S. government, according to conspiracy theorists.

Preston narrated an incident that occurred in April 2014 when the Russians tested the superior capability of their alien technology-based jamming systems. The Russians flew Su-24 tactical bombers equipped with alien electronic systems over the U.S. Navy’s USS Donald Cook. The Russians were able to shut down the ship’s electrical systems and disable its radar and defense systems.

It was rumored that some senior U.S. military officers were so frustrated by the incident that they resigned their commissions, despairing of the capability of the U.S. military to match the Russians in a full-scale engagement.

It was also rumored that U.S. aircraft carriers were hurriedly withdrawn from the Persian Gulf after the incident because it was clear that they had no means of effective defense against Russian alien technology.

[Image via Bangkokhappiness/Shutterstock]

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