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Civil War, Assassination Threat Must be Stopped, with the New Silk Road, Development

Aug. 20 (EIRNS)—The Russiagate effort to depose President Trump is close to dead. Two leaders of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), Ray McGovern and William Binney, spoke at a LaRouche PAC forum in Manhattan on Saturday, reviewing their forensic proof that there was no hack of the DNC computers, and that corrupt Obama intelligence officials had fabricated evidence to point at Russia, to stop Trump’s effort to bring the U.S. and Russia and China together for peace. (See https://larouchepac.com/20170819/manhattan-town-hall-event-ray-mcgovern-and-william-binney)

But the coup-plotters have not given up. They have moved on to race-bait the President, using provocateurs, on both sides, and using the media, to stir up racial hatred, also on both sides, creating the potential for civil war and an environment conducive to a “lone assassin” hit on the President.

The fact that President Trump was absolutely right in his declaration that there were violent provocateurs on both sides of the Charlottesville disaster, is becoming more and more clear by the day. The attempt to reproduce the Charlottesville chaos in Boston, on Saturday, resulted only in a handful of conservatives marching for free speech, being met by about 10,000 “anti-Nazi” and “anti-fascist” counter-demonstrators. The police did their job, keeping the two sides separated (not as in Charlottesville), but there were 33 arrests of violent “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” militants who challenged the police. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said there were three categories on the street: “Those who came out for the rally, those who came to protest it, and those who wanted to start some trouble.”

Former U.N. Ambassador and civil rights leader Andrew Young, a close associate of Martin Luther King, cut through the maze of lies in an NBC interview on Sunday: “Most of the issues that we’re dealing with now are related to poverty. But we still want to put everything in a racial context,” Amb. Young said. “The reason I feel uncomfortable condemning the Klan types is, they are almost the poorest of the poor. They are the forgotten Americans. And, they have been used and abused and neglected. Instead of giving them affordable health care, they give them black lung jobs…. Our job [in the Civil Rights Movement] was not to put down white people. Our job was to lift everybody up together, so that we would learn to live together as brothers and sisters rather than perish together as fools.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche agreed that Amb. Young had identified the problem, but insisted that he, and all well-meaning people, must also identify the solution, to bring about the development and the job creation he calls for in the only way possible—to join with the LaRouche movement effort to get President Trump to proceed with his intention to join in the Belt and Road Initiative created by China, now, and implement LaRouche’s “Four Laws:” Glass Steagall, National Banking, Hamiltonian federal credit creation, and a science policy centered on crash programs for space exploration and fusion power. There are increasing numbers of Democrats who reject Russia-gate, who reject the controlled “gang-counter gang” push for civil war, and who will join with Trump supporters to demand such real development as the only solution. This is the time for action.


China Daily Profiles Helga Zepp-LaRouche: the LaRouche Movement’s 40-Year Work

Aug. 18 (EIRNS)—This weekend’s edition of China Daily features a full-length profile of Helga Zepp-LaRouche by China Daily’s U.S. correspondent Chen Weihua, entitled “Identifying With China,” with the kicker “Helga Zepp-LaRouche sees Belt and Road Initiative as fulfilling lifelong pursuit by her and her U.S. political activist husband, Lyndon LaRouche.”

The article opens by discussing Zepp-LaRouche’s first extensive visit to China as a young journalist during the period of the Cultural Revolution. “My generation was still curious about the world,” Zepp-LaRouche says. “The youth of today, they just Google about things from the search machine. I wanted to see what the world looks like.” In the interview Zepp-LaRouche gives some of her impressions from that time, including that some of the Chinese she met with spoke German and they talked readily about their situation. “She found people were ‘kind,’ but said, ‘People were not happy at all,’ ” Chen writes. On that trip, he writes, Zepp-LaRouche also visited Africa and other parts of Asia, seeing the tremendous poverty. “I came back from this trip with the absolute conviction that the world had to change, had to be improved,” she said.

Coming back, she was looking for solutions and became acquainted with the work of U.S. political activist Lyndon LaRouche, “better known for launching the LaRouche movement. The movement, which has included many organizations and companies in the world, promotes a revival of classical art and greater commitment to science; advocates the development of major economic infrastructure projects on a global scale; and calls for reform of the world financial system to encourage investment in the physical economy and suppress financial speculation,” Chen writes.

“Helga found Lyndon to be the only one who talked about the need for development and industrialization of Africa, and Third World countries as well as the establishment of an international development, something like the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,” he writes. Zepp-LaRouche and Lyndon were married in 1977.

The article discusses of the work of the LaRouches in pursuing these goals together with Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Mexico’s President Jose Lopez Portillo. Zepp-LaRouche praises the work of China with the Belt and Road and the AIIB, reporting some of her activities on the issue over the last three years, including her participation at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. “I was really happy to participate,” Zepp-LaRouche says in the interview, “because we have been fighting for this for so long. I sort of identify with the success of this project.”

In the interview, she also talks about the importance of the open attitude of the Trump Administration to the Forum in sending a high-level U.S. delegation, underlining how beneficial cooperation in the Belt and Road would be for rebuilding U.S. infrastructure. She says that in her discussion with African delegates at the Beijing Forum it was clear that they now have hope for the future, hope which was sorely lacking before the Chinese initiative.

Chen continues: “Helga said that what China is doing has justified what she and her colleagues have done for the last 40 years. ‘We are very happy. It is one thing for a small organization like ours to produce ideas, but it’s quite a different thing that the largest country in the world started to do it.” She laments that her husband, Lyndon LaRouche, who is 94 years old, will probably not get to visit to China. “He loves China,” Zepp-LaRouche says, “and he is convinced that the Chinese initiative (BRI) is the most important thing on the planet right now.”

China Daily USA appears everywhere in the United States. The interview is also scheduled to run in the European edition of China Daily next week. (See http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/epaper/2017-08/18/content_30780874.htm for full story.)

German Economist: Let the Brits Go; Work with China Instead!

Aug. 19 (EIRNS)—The chief economist of Bremer Landesbank, Folker Hellmeyer, was the featured guest at the annual Friesland District Economic Forum in the city of Godens on Friday, where he told the audience not to grow uneasy, nor shed any tears over the Brexit: The British entered the EU in 1972 as a weak national economy, Hellmeyer pointed out, they have never really recovered since then, have never contributed to the integration of Europe but instead undermined it, and have always extracted concessions from the continent. Therefore, “If the rowdy wants to leave, let him go!” Hellmeyer insisted, elaborating on the big chance for Europe to finally make a step forward, this time without the British stepping on the brakes.  Europe should look forward, work with the New Silk Road, and the grand transportation projects along the route, in particular, are a major opportunity for the European economies, Hellmeyer said.

China-Arab Dialogue on Belt and Road Role in Combatting Extremism

Aug. 18 (EIRNS)—Since 2005, a seminar on China-Arab relations has been held every two years. The latest such round table, just held in Chengdu, China on August 15-16, centered on discussing “Belt and Road building and anti-extremism,” Xinhua reported at its conclusion. Over 70 government officials, scholars and religious leaders from China, 16 Arab countries and the Arab League “agreed upon development and cooperation as a means to eliminate extremism and terrorism,” according to Xinhua.

Deng Li, Director-General of the Department of West Asian and North African affairs at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, argued that developmental failure is a very important cause of extremism, and therefore, development in Arab countries under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative will be beneficial in removing the grounds for extremism.

Huang Hui, Director of the Arabic Department of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, was quoted: “High rates of unemployment and poverty have deprived young people of dignity and hope, which must be addressed so that terrorism does not draw them in.”

Shawki Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, was also reported to have been one of the speakers.


Andrew Young Hits the Racial Trump-gate Operation

Aug. 20 (EIRNS)—Speaking to NBC’s Meet the Press moderator, Chuck Todd, former UN Ambassador, Atlanta Mayor, and close associate of Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement Andrew Young directly attacked the new racial Trump-gate operation, insisting, as Trump did, that development and jobs are the only solution to racial problems, as the rage comes from the forgotten people.

Young called this week “a week of misunderstandings. We originally sought to redeem the soul of America from the triple evils of race, war, and poverty. Most of the issues that we’re dealing with now are related to poverty. But we still want to put everything in a racial context.

“The reason I feel uncomfortable condemning the Klan types is, they are almost the poorest of the poor. They are the forgotten Americans. And, they have been used and abused and neglected. Instead of giving them affordable health care, they give them black lung jobs. And that just doesn’t make sense in today’s world.”

Young said his father taught him that racial hatred was a disease, and you don’t get angry with sick people, you help them.

“We’ve had a struggle from slavery. But blacks—while they call themselves militants, but they’re not militants, they’re chicken. We never tried to take advantage of anybody else. Our job was not to put down white people. Our job was to lift everybody up together… So that we would learn to live together as brothers and sisters rather than perish together as fools.”

Todd asked what Amb. Young thought of Trump. He said, “I think he’s caught in a trap. I don’t think there are any easy answers…. I admire his family. And I think that the thing that the President has to do is think of the American people, all of us, as his family. And I try to think of him as a potential leader, not only of the United States of America, but a leader of the free world and of the enslaved world.”

He said that too many men “hide behind militant solutions, but we have to keep our eyes on the prize—and the prize is not vengeance, not getting even, but the prize is redemption.”

He described a scene from the early 1960s in which the Klan marched through a Black part of a southern city, after having beaten up Black participants in a civil rights march. The Blacks lined the street as the Klan marched through and sang: “I love everybody, I love everybody in my heart.” Young said, “That’s why we won the Civil Rights Bill, which gained a lot, not everything, but a lot.”

He said that people in the White House were saying there is no military solution to the North Korea problem. “That’s right. There’s no military solution to any problem. But there are economic solutions.” He pointed to FDR in 1945, the creation of the United Nations, and a generation of economic development. This was left out of the transcript posted by NBC!

Asked about the fight against Confederate symbols, Young described how the city of Atlanta once got in a fight to take down a Confederate flag. They got the flag down, but lost an election as a result, and lost the development process with it.

“Let them wave their flags. Atlanta was a city where we were too busy to hate, that’s how we progressed. We lost that. Being militant is cheap and safe, but we have to get down to teaching children, treating our wives better—whatever color.”

Asked if Mitt Romney was right to demand an apology from President Trump for what he said after Charlottesville, Young responded: “I think Trump should apologize for Mitch McConnell!”

LaRouche Denounces British-Orchestrated Phoenix Explosion  Planned for Trump on Tuesday

Aug. 19 (EIRNS)—President Trump plans to speak to a large rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night, Aug. 22, and the entire “Resist” and Antifa network is fully mobilizing for a riot and chaos. This is the kind of environment in which a direct threat to the life of the President is possible, and Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that the planned violence immediately be called off, as based on lies orchestrated by the British to overthrow Trump.

The Mayor of Phoenix on Aug. 16 issued a statement saying:

“I am disappointed that President Trump has chosen to hold a campaign rally as our nation is still healing from the tragic events in Charlottesville. If he is coming to Phoenix to announce a pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio then it is clear that his true intention is to inflame emotions and further divide our nation. It is my hope that more sound judgment prevails and that he delays his visit.”

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) issued a six-minute video lying that Trump “fully embraced white nationalists and Nazis,” that he is “unhinged,” and that he has “no moral compass.” He said those who say race should not be the issue are wrong, “it is the issue, Trump is making it so.” He said he would be at the counter-demonstration and called on his constituents to join him. He concluded that we should no longer shy away from words like fascist, pointing to the “dangerous administration.”

The Phoenix police are planning to deploy with “maximum staffing,” to keep the peace.

Lyndon LaRouche responded to these developments by demanding that the scheduled violent demonstrations against Trump be called off: They are based on a fraud, on lies, and are intended to create chaos and destroy the nation. This, and similar plans for orchestrated race riots in other cities around the country, LaRouche said, are part of a British-run scheme to destroy the United States, with inside help from the FBI, and which threatens civilization itself.

Brennan Threatens President Trump

Aug. 19 (EIRNS)—Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan sent a message to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, which Blitzer referred to in his Aug. 17 broadcast in the following terms. It speaks for itself.

BLITZER: I want to share with you and our viewers a note I received last night from the former CIA Director John Brennan, right after our show. And let me put the words up on the screen.

“Wolf, just watched your interview with Senator Blumenthal when you mentioned that you lost all four of your grandparents to the unspeakable evil of Nazism. I just want to extend my sympathies, not only for their deaths but also to you and your family and countless others for the pain inflicted today by the despicable words of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump’s words and the beliefs they reflect are a national disgrace, and all Americans of conscience need to repudiate his ugly and dangerous comments. If allowed to continue along this senseless path, Mr. Trump will do lasting harm to American society and to our standing in the world. By his words and his actions, Mr. Trump is putting our national security and our collective futures at grave risk.”

Signed John Brennan.

Lyndon LaRouche Continues To Fight British Empire and Its Confederacy

Aug. 18 (EIRNS)— Today, with race war against Trump being organized with the trigger of “Confederate statues,” LaRouche again stated that it is the British system driving this attempted coup. “Present my view of this publicly,” he said. “I am still working for this cause. There are no other means to save the United States.”

On Aug. 17, a huge statue in Washington, D.C. of Albert Pike—Confederate general, British masonry leader, and Ku Klux Klan founder—became one of many chance targets of a British/George Soros-run “Antifa” movement which is trying to bring down President Trump through riots.

Lyndon LaRouche’s leadership of peaceful demonstrations which very nearly forced the removal of the Albert Pike statue 25 years ago, is still so well-known that even the Washington Post—a media leader of the coup attempt against Trump—inquired in recent days about interviewing LaRouche on the Pike statue. In 1992, the Post, in an editorial, had told unhappy Washington city officials that Pike must remain at Judiciary Square—because to remove him would give a victory to Lyndon LaRouche!

A victory, that is, against the “British system.” Here is what LaRouche, a 1992 pre-candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, said in a television broadcast October 25, 1992, as demonstrations to remove Pike were ongoing:

“What is called the U.S. Civil War, the most devastating war in our history, was not a war between the states. It was a civil war in the sense that a faction, including Bostonians such as Albert Pike, New Yorkers such as John Slidell, and so forth, were all part of a British conspiracy, run through the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which took over control of the states—with the aid of a traitor at the head of the Democratic Party, August Belmont, a confessed traitor—in order to destroy the United States, by dividing it into several parts, so that the British might control it….

“This was not a Southern conspiracy; it was a conspiracy by British-controlled traitors to the United States, to take over the … slave-owning states, as a way of dividing the United States into several parts, which might be kept in perpetual conflict with each other, to eliminate the United States as both a factor in world politics, and also to weaken it to the point that the image of the United States, of the American Revolution, might be erased from the memory and hopes of people around the world.”

This is at stake in the British-steered coup attempt against the U.S. President now. LaRouche said today, “I am still doing this. I am for mankind, and I am willing to help any person who wants to fight for justice.”

Dershowitz Book on Mueller’s War on Constitution

Aug. 20 (EIRNS)—Prominent liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz continues to warn against the Russia-gate witchhunt. The Mueller special counsel operation “really endangers democracy…. The idea of trying to create crimes just because we disagree with [Trump] politically, and target him, really endangers democracy,” Dershowitz told New York City radio show, “The Cats Roundtable” on 970 AM-N.Y., Newsmax reported on Sunday. “[It] reminds me of what Lavrentiy Beria, the head of the KGB, said to Stalin: ‘Show me the man, and I will find you the crime.’ ”

“We shouldn’t be targeting people. We shouldn’t be looking for crimes they’ve committed. We should only be using the criminal justice system against obvious crimes. Crimes that are not stretched and manufactured to fit a particular person.”

Dershowitz has a new book published this month called “Trumped Up: How Criminalization of Political Differences Endangers Democracy.”


U.S.-South Korean Military Exercises Still On

Aug. 18 (EIRNS)—In a press release issued on Friday, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that the joint U.S.-South Korean exercise Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2017 will begin as scheduled on Oct. 21. This is despite the growing pressure to postpone or even modify the exercise in order to help lower the tensions with North Korea. China and Russia have jointly proposed “dual suspension,” where the U.S. suspends its military exercises and North Korea suspends its nuclear and missile testing at the same time. The China Daily, in an editorial posted yesterday, called it “regrettable” that the U.S. has so far rejected the dual suspension proposal. “If it could lead to a possible solution to such a critical issue, why not give it a try?” China Daily wrote; just because past negotiation efforts have failed, does not necessarily mean that new efforts will end the same way.

Bloomberg News, in a story headlined “Military Drills Emerge as Key Obstacle to U.S.-North Korea Talks,” wrote that the US rejects outright the Chinese double freeze proposal “and scaling down the drills now would make President Donald Trump look weak so soon after his warnings of ‘fire and fury.’ ” It also reports, however, that retired Army Col. William McKinney, who spent more than 40 years involved in U.S.-Korea military relations and planning and now is the non-resident Korea Chair at Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., is arguing for the U.S. to consider suspending larger exercises, provided it gets something in return. “If there is a point in time when a degree of trust exists between the two parties for a quid pro quo agreement, then one or both exercises [referring to the Foal Eagle exercise in the Spring] might be up for being suspended,” said McKinney.

South Korea is officially expressing the same view as the U.S. that the exercises must go on. South Korean Air Force Gen. Jeong Kyeong-doo, President Moon Jae-in’s nominee to head the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff told a parliamentary committee, on Aug. 17, that South Korea has no plans to reduce the scale of an annual joint military exercise with the United States. Earlier in the day, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that upcoming Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise will be played out on a similar scale to that of last year, that is, with approximately 50,000 South Korean troops joining 20,000 U.S. troops and smaller contingents from seven other countries that are part of the U.N. command in South Korea.

The North Korea response to the U.S.-South Korean military exercises, issued on Thursday by KCNA, was to warn that the exercises would “further drive the situation on the Korean Peninsula into catastrophe”

EU Ambassador: Russia Has No Plans To Attack NATO Countries

Aug. 19 (EIRNS)—The European Union’s Ambassador to Moscow, Lithuanian diplomat Vigaudas Usackas, said Russia has no plans to attack NATO countries. “Russia may be regarded as a rather quarrelsome country, but it is my deep conviction that it is not going to attack NATO countries,” Usackas said, according to TASS, citing the daily Respublika. Usackas also said, that despite speculation that Russia would had such plans, “there are no such intentions.”

He called for a “sober” attitude on the forthcoming Russian-Belarusian military exercise West-2017. “Real risks are posed not by the exercise as such, not by plans or scenarios, but by the circumstances that may emerge due to unforeseen events or incidents,” he said.

He continued: “It is important to maintain certain working relations with Russia at the political and military level in order to avoid their escalation in case of misunderstandings. This is normal practice in the sphere of security, that has been used since the days of the standoff between NATO and the Warsaw Treaty. One may disagree with the neighbor, it is possible to belong with different camps, but there is no way of replacing one by another.”

Spain Remains on Terror Alert; France Tightens Border with Spain

Aug. 19 (EIRNS)—ISIS has taken credit for the Aug. 17 terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils in Spain, which killed 14 and wounded more than 120. Spanish authorities have broadened the investigation, and are looking into a possible terrorist cell extending across the region of Catalonia.

Spanish authorities believe the attacks “displayed an unusual degree of sophistication and coordination,” compared to other recent vehicle attacks in Europe, the Washington Post reported. “We cannot rule out further attacks,” Maj. Josep Lluis Trapero, a Catalan police official stated. French authorities reinforced their (rather porous) border with Spain.

On Friday night, there was a right-wing demonstration in the main square of Barcelona, blaming the terrorist attacks on the “Islamization of Europe.” Participants included the fascist “La Falange” group, which blamed the attack on EU immigration policy. They were met by a left-wing counter-demonstration of various thousands, including the Catalan groups Arran and Endavant, who denounced Islamophobia and chanted “Barcelona! Anti-fascist!”

In Turku, Finland, two people were killed and six others wounded in a stabbing attack on Friday. Finnish authorities today classified the incident as terrorism, and are investigating. In June, Finnish security released a report saying that ISIS no longer considered Finland neutral, and were therefore a security threat to the country.

Lyndon LaRouche identified the British hand behind these developments, as with the attempt to unleash race riots inside the United States. This is being done by the bankrupt British imperial system, LaRouche stated; put the blame where it belongs.

Russia’s President Putin stated that “this attack shows once again the need to pool the efforts of the entire international community in the uncompromising fight against the forces of terror.” During a ceremony in Moscow mourning those who died in the terror attack, Spain’s Ambassador to Moscow, Jose Ignacio Carbajal Garate, emphasized that Spain welcomes the help of other countries in fighting terrorism, including Russia.


Observing the Hidden Features of the Sun

Aug. 19 (EIRNS)—Monday’s solar eclipse, which will be visible in totality in a 70-mile-wide swath across the U.S. going west to east, from Oregon to South Carolina, will be considerably less dramatic outside the path of totality. In Washington, D.C., for example, where about 80% of the Sun will be hidden by the shadow of the Moon, it will not be very noticeable. But there will be many multiple ways to see it on the Internet, including through NASA. Public Broadcasting Service TV stations will air a program that evening at 9 p.m. (Eastern) with material from the day’s event as well as the history of eclipses.

Since the eclipse presents a unique opportunity to study the outer atmosphere, or corona, of the Sun, as the Moon hides the disc of the Sun, NASA and the scientific community are deploying an armamentarium of instruments on the ground, on balloons, in airplanes, on satellites, and by the crew on the International Space Station, to take measurements. This celestial alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, while occurring every 18 months, much more rarely is visible on land, and even less so at an angle that creates totality, and not just a grazing glance.

It is expected that the observations of the eclipse will produce a windfall of data, to help answer questions that have baffled scientists, such as the fact that the Sun’s corona is hotter than its interior—the opposite of what you would expect.

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