Bibi’s in-law Spills the Beans: Netanyahu Doesn’t Want ‘Palestine’ or Peace-Bullsh_t!

Bibi’s in-law tells Arab press that Netanyahu doesn’t want ‘Palestine’, opposes a Palestinian state and that all his noises of ‘wanting peace’ are just ‘insincere maneuvers’

by MG editor

ed note–as we have said now for sometime, Netanyahu & co are going to ‘play nice’ with Trump and appear as sincere as possible in wanting a ‘peace deal’ all the while they will be working behind the scenes to insure that no such deal takes place, and if in fact they cannot ‘persuade’ Trump to drop these plans by subjecting him to the daily harassment now in full view for the entire world to see vis a vis ‘Russia’ and the drive to impeach him, then rest assured they are completely prepared to go to ‘plan b’ which is to have him follow in the footsteps of the last US president who used his office to put the muscle on Judea, which was JFK.

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