‘Assistance For African Americans’ Program Created by Ex-Prez Obama

Secret – Many US Blacks Get
$5,000 A Month, Cars, Homes

From Steven

One thing I’m surprised no one talks about is how the blacks have a free new car program.  Under Obama, they passed a program called ‘Assistance For African Americans’. It sort of like a Super Welfare PLUS Free College and it gives 5 Billion dollars to their black leaders for handing out each year.

I’ve got a very analytical mind.  About a year after Obama took office, i noticed each year there was a slow but steady increase in blacks driving brand NEW cars.   I’m not talking about Toyota Corollas but big SUVs, Caddys, Lexus, and even $75,000 Jags.   These were being driven by old blacks, young blacks and clearly non-working, unemployed blacks.

There used to be no blacks in my town but after the crash, Jewish hedge funds bought up a lot of homes.  Obama decided to move the blacks out of Oakland and give them new homes on the theory, apparently, that they wouldn’t bring their drugs and violence with them.  Well, it’s not working.

The guy living next to me was a home builder and got over-extended.  A Jew hedge fund bought the house and they move in a black family.  I was trying to help them, thinking there were poor, until one of them admitted to me that they got $5,000 a MONTH in cash from the Feds.   The ‘family’ was just a mom and her drug addict daughter. and drug-dealing boyfriend.  It took me a long time to get them kicked out.  The SWAT Team Sheriff told me that they were under orders to not arrest these people.  Finally, I sued the hedge fund and they got them out.

You get a free home, free cars, and 5k a month, tax-free walking around money, and you’ve got to deal drugs as well?  We could sort of afford the African population when they were 7% but not anymore…they are nothing less than legal looters.

Why are the Ratpublicans supporting this? to make sure there is no rioting as they send even more jobs abroad.    All the Mexican business owners and workers around here have noticed the blacks getting a free ride.   They say they never see blacks on their work sites, or applying for jobs.   I saw a muslim with 2 wives and 10 kids and a super big SUV.  This jerk could not speak a word of English.  He was fat, lazy and smug.

I often stop to help the homeless.  Now it’s mainly over-50 white guys and vets and lately even some white women.  I have never seen a single black on the street. They are well taken car of by the Feds and it’s all a big secret.  I’m shocked no one is talking about the ‘give the blacks a free Jag, Caddy, Lexus’ program. These are fat, shiftless, very well-dressed blacks who are NEVER at work during working hours.

I was at the gas station yesterday, lots of little old white ladies driving 20 year old beaters.  So, up drives 2 blacks…both with brand spanking new cars, a Silverado and a Jaguar.  Both had ‘Handicap’ stickers so they wouldn’t have to walk to much to go into the store.  The blacks in the Silverado where young and healthy as hell.  The black woman with the Jag (and disability sticker) had super expensive clothes…and I could feel the hate pouring out of her.   i complimented her on her Jag but also let her know that Tata Motors in India made them
now, although they are still assembled for the most part in the UK…with ford engines and electronics, etc.   She thought she was more than ‘cool’ but got pissed when she found out the car was not ‘English’.  Most of these blacks are NOT buying made in the US cars.  About every 5th one buys USA.  They love Lexus and Acuras.

This country is toast.

Some might say all of these huge giveaways and freebies are ‘reparations.’  What reparations?  Slavery was abolished in the US shortly after 1776…only the 13 Southern states had it and it was limited largely to plantation owners like the Waltons (WalMart), Goldman Sachs, and other big banister families.  Don’t forget, there were PLENTY OF BLACKS who OWNED SLAVES.  Slaves were not cheap and they were treated far better than the native Americans and the Irish slaves.

Blacks used to be 7% of the US population but now they are getting to be a critical mass. The only good thing America has going for it is family-oriented Asian growth and even some family-oriented latino growth. When the factory jobs vanished, all of the Mexicans around here opened their own businesses…usually out of their homes.

i remember when the internet first opened up, I was reading some history pre-pubs from Cambridge. One Prof found some paperwork showing that Rothschilds built and owned over 300 slave ships in just one short period of time.   The Jews OWNED the slave trade and the ships that brought them here.  That prepub lasted about 2 months.  Unfortunately, I did not think to print it and save it.  So, let the negroes go to the Rothschilds for reparations.

There has been over 2 trillion dollars in oil royalties that have disappeared (as of the 90s) since the blacks took over their own governments in Africa.  Blacks are BLESSED to be born in the US, they should see what its like when their people run the government.

What’s ironic is how the Afrikaners have been down there for almost 500 years.  Most of the blacks, except the Zulus, are IMMIGRANTS to South Africa. i was down there when the Afrikaners ran it, it was a sparkling First World country…and the lives of the blacks were FAR better than they are now.  That is undeniable and inarguable.

i would volunteer for the military if we invaded SA.  That place will go to hell without the whites.  Trump better do something about it.  The problem is the Afrikaners are Christians and blacks, for the most part, are not.   And no one likes to kill Christians like the Jewish Rothschilds who run these communist blacks behind the scenes.

I was just out and a couple of the ‘brothers’ almost ran into me…driving their 100k Mercedes and dressed in ghetto ‘rapper’ clothes.  All the asians, whites and mexicans out here have noticed it.

Blacks has had their ‘reparations’.  They were given a chance to become Christians and got out of the shit hole that is Africa.  I worked in African ‘garden spots’ like Sudan and Somalia.  We should just nuke Somalia or let the Ethopians or Keyans split it up and civilize the black muslims. There’s 100 billion barrels of oil down there. Sudan has enormous oil potential.  I helped discover it in the 70s then MI6-Mossad started the civil war. The ChiComs and the Brits got all the oil contracts.

These blacks think they are going to riot and take over.  Could be there will be a shooting war once the welfare checks are cut off.  These blacks got used their handouts under Obama. Trump must end this and bring jobs back and FORCE blacks to take vocational classes in school.  We have an entire generation of blacks that can’t work anymore.  Of course, white kids are not far behind.

i sure would have liked a ‘free college’ education to Cal.  Instead, I had to work my butt off.

For every 1 black, we need about 10 Mexicans, Asians or Russians of young blood.  To be frank, I think we need to offer these people money to get sterilized or cut their welfare off if they don’t work to support their kids.  We simply can’t afford to have 20% of the nation refusing to work and demanding $60,000 cars and free everything else.

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