Zionist Israel WANTS NO PEACE; Satanyahu’s 666 Hand Signal

How They Do It…MK Bennett says to ‘Expect an increase in violence’

by MG editor

ed note–as soon as Trump started making noises about a ‘peace deal’ between Israel and her neighbors, thus began the campaign to take him down, because, as anyone who has studied Judea, Inc knows, ‘peace’ in the Judaic lexicon means ‘no opposition to our agenda’.

Having said this, it was a done deal that Judea Inc would engage in the business of provocation in order to get the Palestinians to lash out, thus giving the Jewish state the platform it needs in creating the ‘proper’ narrative, i.e. that the Arabs are irrational, violent, and untrustworthy and that no ‘partner’ for peace exists, thus taking the wind out of Trump’s sails vis a vis any ‘peace deal’.

All can rest assured as well, that even though Bennett’s inference in this piece regarding ‘violence’ aims at leading the reader to conclude it is violence in the Middle East, that what remains unspoken is the violence Israel is planning to inflict in the US and elsewhere in order to further along that narrative of the ‘irrational, violent, and untrustworthy’ Arabs who cannot be trusted with an independent state of their own.

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