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There’s a Case to be Made for Income Inequality, says AMAC
By – John Grimaldi
It fuels ambition and ambition stimulates economic growth
“If Bernie Sanders and his crew were serious about putting an end to poverty in America, they’d be promoting income inequality, not condemning it,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens. Income inequality can be a good thing, says Weber…
Trump: We Won’t Let Other Countries ‘Break the Rules, Steal Our Jobs and Drain Our Wealth’
From – – by Melanie Arter
The White House on Monday kicked off what it calls Made in America week by highlighting American-made goods from all 50 states. “We’re here today to celebrate American manufacturing and to showcase the amazing products from…
Your Medicare Advisor
Inpatient, Outpatient, or Observation: What is my Status?
By – Melanie Recchion
Hospitalization is not only a scary time, but can also be a bit confusing to many patients. You may be under the impression that just because you have spent a day or two in the hospital, you are admitted. However, this is not always the case. Doctors in the emergency room may place a patient under…
Minimum Wage Increase Fails to Benefit Workers…And No One is Surprised
By – C.M. Lopez
Proponents of raising the minimum wage typically argue that the increase is a practical way to improve living standards for the working poor and reduce financial inequality. However, for many restaurant chains….
In light of the fact that the investigation team Robert Mueller appointed is comprised of Democrat donors, should he resign as Special Council?
• Yes, this is a conflict of interest and may lead to political bias in the investigation
• No, political donations do not meet the threshold of conflict of interest
• Not Sure

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