Geoengineering: Does This Look Natural to You?



By Dane Wigington


This is what an all out toxic climate engineering cool-down looks like (NOAA “forecast” map below), a patch of chemically ice cloud nucleation cooled surface temps surrounded by above normal and far above normal temps on all sides.

Every chemical cool-down that is carried out by the climate engineers further fuels the overall warming and overall disintegration of Earth’s remaining life support systems, something to keep in mind (not to mention the toxic climate engineering elements we are all inhaling with every breath).

The scenario below is nothing new, I have covered it countless times, one example is linked below. If the human race does not completely alter the current course, starting with exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity, we won’t he around much longer. That is not opinion, speculation, conjecture, or theory, it is a mathematical certainty.

NOAA extended “forecast” map (the scheduled weather) brought to you by Raytheon weather modeling (and climate engineering contractor).

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