Big Players Are All Heavily Involved in Numerology….

Hello fellow humans. This post isn’t directly about the Mandela effect but rather a post detailing some data points that lead me to believe that something is underlying the movements and actions of man. I will do my best to compile the facts but i should say beforehand this is one of those things that like the ME takes a bit to get used too.

Y’know that feeling you get when you really experience the ME. That feeling of wonder/fear. i have had numerous ideas POP into my head that when researched yielded some wild connections. and that same similar feeling of discovery and a twinge of fear at the shuddering foundations of reality.

I have been following a group called daily crow for the past couple years since coming to my synchronistic awakening.

I suppose ill start here with this fact.

From 9-11-01 until 7-7-17 is 5777 days

We are currently in Hebrew year 5777. with year 0 being the birth of Adam.

Whats really funny is i found this data point from one of those whispers that said “Hey why don’t you check 9-11 too 7-7-17” I found 5777 days and was like WOW that’s the Hebrew year we are in.

today i am working on a film projector and it gets stuck on 5777 ft

The problem i was having with the projector was that it needs the Transformer replaced so i checked when it was last installed.

1-20-17…….Trumps inauguration day in year 5777

Not only that but Trump was 70 years 7 months 7 days old on his first day in office.

announced as president on 11-9 and the day before he is in 1-19 both 119

Also i should mention when trump mistakenly called the 7-11 terror attacks instead of 9 -11

Trump was born 700 days before Israel which means he will turn 70 700 days before Israel turns 70. and was elected 7 years, 7 months and 7 days after Benjamin Netanyahu’s first day in office.

7-7-17 is the day Vladimir Putin enters his 777th month of life.

7-7-17 is the release of Spiderman Homecoming. The first spiderman featured a scene where a helicopter is webbed between the twin towers but this was removed in a newer version due to the attacks. So spiderman connects to 911

Einstein was 70 years 7 months 7 days old on the day of Benjamin Netanyahu’s birth on 10/21/49. Einstein’s birth was 17 years 777 months 777 weeks 777 days before the birth of Emmanuel Macron on 12/21/77. Donald Trump turned exactly 777 months old on Einstein’s birthday in 2011.

In the recent post we covered Mem (Hebrew sound as “m” in mom) and 40. Macron’s 40th birthday is 40 days after the 77777th day from Napoleon’s coronation. Mem is Hebrew “M” meaning water and its numeric value is 40 which means transition.

Trump’s 69th was 700 days before Emmanuel took office on Israel’s 69th and Trump’s 70th was 700 days before Israel’s 70th, 777 days after Trump’s 70th is 77 days after Israel’s 70th and he took office on his 70th year, 7 month and 7th day of life.

77 years 7 months and 7 days after 5/14/48 (Israel) is Macron’s 48th birthday. Another way to say this is 77 years, 7 months, 707 days after Trump’s birth.

on trumps 77th day he launched tomahawk missiles into Syria.

On the same day in my home city Atlanta GA a truck full of Foam Tomahawks crashes and they are strewn across the highway shutting it down for a short time.

in 1958 thier was a western tv show called trackdown which had 70 episodes and on the episode entitled “The End of the World” A conman named trump comes to this town saying the apocalypse is near and that he will build a wall around thier homes to protect them. A black guy named trump in 1958…..

The episode before this was “The mistake” and the episode After is “The deal” Trump is know for saying your making a UGE Mistake. and Wrote “The art of the deal.”

There are alot more data points and they all seem to be making an elaborate tapestry. But what does this all mean. I feel like i may have overloaded you already.

If you are intrigued there is alot more stuff on the daily crow site.

So it appears that all the big players are connected intricately through birthdays and milestone events. and the big players are all connected with 7’s Trump,Netanyahu, Macron, Putin.

What weirdest of all is the feedback loop that develops between research and synchronicity, how specific to an incredible degree numbers come up in day to day life that just blow me away at how directly connected they are.

The 5777 ft of projector reel and the problem being the transformer and it last being replaced on trumps inauguration, are just too weird.

as a sidenote my 30th birthday is on the 30th this month and i went too see what 666 weeks before 9-23-17 was and i accidentally had ADD instead of Subtract selected and the date it landed on was 6-30-30 my birthday in 2030!

Edit: removed 7 weeks from trumps bday till inauguration Which makes the distance in time from Einsteins birth to Benjamin netanyahus birth is that exact same span of time.

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