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VIDEO: FULL STORY: Reality Winner 1st NSA Leaker Arrested By Trump

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 02:01 PM PDT

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Luke discusses a story that broke last night, dealing with information security, whistle-blowers, and some basic common sense tips that journalist should using.  The first whistle-blower was just prosecuted by Donald Trump.  Luke gives us the full rundown on exactly what happened.

A 25 year old NSA contractor named Reality Leigh Winner supposedly leaked a Top Secret NSA document and gave it to the Intercept- which they then published under the title of “Top-Secret NSA report details Russian hacking effort days before 2016 election.”  The NSA contracts other institutions to do a lot of their dirty work, because they are exempt from public inquiries and freedom of information act requests.  This leak seems politically motivated, if you look at Ms. Winner’s twitter page you quickly see that she did not like President Trump and espoused support for people like Bernie Sanders.

According to Wikileaks, the Intercept gave the document to the NSA , which included her postal code and her report number.  This was done to verify the story, the NSA responded back and told the Intercept that they should not release certain excerpts from the report.  The Intercept complied, and then ran with the story- after essentially throwing the whistle-blower under the bus!

It’s important to note that the documents don’t indicate any actual hacking of voting machines or vote counts.  It is does seem to show that Russian military hackers impersonated a Florida company and sent malware to over a hundred local government officials.  Still many mainstream media outlets are running with the story, saying that this is finally proof of Russian hacking of the 2016 election.   Those allegations are false- the documents don’t really prove any sort of bombshell information except for the usual hacking and spying games that happen between Russian and the United States.

This story shows the incompetence of the Intercept.  By attempting to verify the document they received, they gave the original document that she provided to the NSA.  In doing this, they exposed the source of the information- as it’s well known that printers have tracking codes on printed pages.  These codes often link it to the time it was printed, to the printers serial number, and possibly the exact person who did the printing.  Information has been known since 1983 and is standard on most printers and scanners.

This of course has upset the whistle-blower community, even causing Wikileaks to offer a $10,000 dollar reward to reveal the identity and termination of the reporter who gave the document to the NSA.  The leaks aren’t that significant, and the Intercept have inadvertently imprisoned a whistle-blower due to their lazy incompetence, which should have been handled much more professionally.



This fiasco is leading many to speculate that the entire thing is some sort of Psy-Op.  However people like Julian Assange are saying that she needs to be supported, that she is young and courageous.  While still others are celebrating the news of her arrest because of her political leanings.  Some are saying that “Just because the new NSA leaker doesn’t fit your point of view does not mean she should go to jail for exposing the truth!”

Luke finds it very interesting watching the debate play out.   This whole incident gives a black eye to the Intercept and their incompetency when dealing with sources in the government.  This should be a very important lesson to learn, because it should be common sense, especially from an organization that specializes in national security issues.


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Video: CNN Religious Guy & Theresa May GO CRAZY!

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 01:38 PM PDT

We Are Change

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you another recap video of the latest breaking news. Today we get into Theresa May wanting to regulate the internet, Reza Aslan CNN’s religious go to guy, major geopolitical news, and a lot more.

Blow Back

Liam Fox was the defence secretary of the UK in 2011 and he made no assessment of the threat of Islamic extremism among anti-Gaddafi rebels. It is now reported that MI5 was facilitating the travel of non-jihadi British Libyans to fight in Tripoli. Theresa May was home secretary at that time and she was the minister responsible for that decision. The Arab spring failed and the rise of Islamic State was the result.

Theresa May Home Secretary part of Govt which blew up Libya turned it into thriving hive of ISIS terrorists+created a global refugee crisis

— ARTIST TAXI DRIVER (@chunkymark) June 6, 2017

Ryan Dawson, the Geopolitical Analyst, lays out a stark warning in this hard hitting tweet:

The war in syria is a Pretext to allow the Wahhabi in under the cover of helping war refugees

— Ryan Dawson (@RyLiberty) June 4, 2017

Cuts To Uk Police Force

Some 20,000 police jobs have been cut since the Conservatives came to power in 2010 and budgets slashed by around 4% every year when May was Home Secretary.

Paul Mason, writing in the Guardian, tells us:

“With the Isis caliphate about to collapse in Raqqa and Mosul, spreading its survivors into the refugee trails of Europe, I don’t care how much 10,000 new officers cost. The right question is: how soon can they start?”

Jeremy Corbyn is a British politician who has served as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition since September 12 2015. This short video shows the police expressly telling May:

“The changes that have been imposed have caused community policing to collapse. Neighbourhood policing was critical to dealing with terrorism. We run the risk here of ultimately risking national security.”

.@Theresa_May, you cannot protect communities on the cheap and by disregarding the views of the police. They’ve been warning you since 2011. pic.twitter.com/bzGlyaD9dS

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) June 5, 2017

Corbyn says May should resign over this.

.@JeremyCorbyn says he back calls for @Theresa_May to resign for presiding over cuts to police numbers. pic.twitter.com/q9oDkQBABf

— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) June 5, 2017

Saudi Arabia

Today Wikileaks tweeted that the Tory government helped Saudi Arabia get elected to the UN human rights committee.

Tory government did secret deal to place #SaudiArabia on UN Human Rights Committee https://t.co/ZQ5BhtuRfN

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) June 6, 2017

In October 2016, Julian Borger reported in the Guardian that:

“Human rights groups also campaigned against Saudi Arabia for the high civilian death toll of its bombing campaign in Yemen, but the kingdom won one of the four seats reserved for the Asia-Pacific region.”

Russia lost its bid to become a member of the UN’s human rights council over its support of Assad against the rebels. Russia was beaten by Hungary and Croatia in the competition for two seats on the council allotted to eastern European states.

In January 2016, Saudi Arabia executed the prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr who had called for free elections in Saudi Arabia.

Corbyn wants to stop funding terrorists.

We need to have some difficult conversations, starting with Saudi Arabia & other Gulf states that have funded and fuelled extremist ideology pic.twitter.com/dZuGWbcAYL

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) June 4, 2017

Mustafa Al-Bassam, Founder of LulzSec, points out what everyone is thinking:

I’m confused, is London Bridge a website in cyberspace that had a cyberattack pic.twitter.com/svzCGMrNBC

— Mustafa Al-Bassam (@musalbas) June 4, 2017

Another example of the Conservatives being completely out of touch is perfectly illustrated in this short video showing Victoria Derbyshire, an English journalist and broadcaster, completely pwning Andrew Mitchell, a British Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Sutton Coldfield since 2001.

Derbyshire asks Mitchell:

  • what is the current minimum wage?
  • how many people are on the waiting list to be housed?
  • how many houses were built by his party last year?

He has no idea! Why would anyone vote for a person like this who knows nothing of other people’s struggles.

WATCH this!? Tory owns 3 homes while 1.2M waiting for one and FFS!! doesn’t know what minimum wage is?!? #ToriesOut pic.twitter.com/FQ6uqm5L4U

— ARTIST TAXI DRIVER (@chunkymark) June 6, 2017

Learned helplessness

Terror attacks seem to happen so often now…

The hashtags aren’t working. pic.twitter.com/iahJ2TwMCg

— /pol/ News Forever (@polNewsForever) June 4, 2017

The regular individual feels bad when fellow citizens are murdered but essentially feels helpless. Often people express regret on their social media accounts which may be well meaning but has no effect on the frequency of said attacks.

What Can Be Done?

Question everything and never apologise for doing so. Have you noticed how terror attacks frequently happen just before an important meeting or election?

Westminster: March 22 2017

Manchester: May 22 2017

London Bridge and Borough Market: June 3 2017

UK General Election: June 8 2017

#LondonAttacks #londonattack #LondonBridgeAttack pic.twitter.com/fmb79GKu35

— Anonymous (@Anon_Emy) June 5, 2017

See this short video, by G3 Group, where a journalist explains that it would be remiss not to research into news events to see if they actually happened or not. 

An example of the media distorting the truth would be the gas attack in Syria, reported in the mainstream media, to try to justify hitting Assad.

CIA director Pompeo told @realDonaldTrump that #Assad was not responsible for #ChemicalAttack & Trump kicked him out https://t.co/O2JJF8FOVZ

— Partisangirl ?? (@Partisangirl) April 10, 2017

The Future

If you think war is a waste of our human potential, maybe we should end the banks that fund it. Wars don’t happen by accident. Wars make a lot of money for the central banks.

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto designed bitcoin to not need a central authority. The system is peer-to-peer, transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary.

Bitcoin is decentralized.

Bitcoin is the currency of MAGA 🙂

— Paul Etheredge (@PaulyDeathwish) June 6, 2017

People are starting to look at the world and ask difficult questions. If we want to end war, we can. If we want to heal terrorism, we can. Don’t let others tell you it isn’t possible. These are all choices!

Make sure to watch Luke’s newest video, out now!

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The post Video: CNN Religious Guy & Theresa May GO CRAZY! appeared first on We Are Change.

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