Trump Wants Peace in Middle East! Media Trying to Create Coup Against Trump

Trump Administration Pressuring Israel to Move Ahead With Peace Deal, Senior Israeli Minister Says

by MG editor

Day before Kushner visit to Israel and as Netanyahu meets Trump envoy, finance minister Moshe Kahlon says U.S. feels deal is possible, but notes ‘sides not ripe’ for peace

ed note–As we have discussed here often (unfortunately much to the disregard/rejection of so many who have already made up their minds based upon superficial and at times emotion-based criteria) this issue alone–Trump’s insistence upon bringing an end to the chaos in the Middle East as a result of Israel’s maniacal drive to conquer and control the entire region–explains better than anything else why there is/has been this 24/7/365 drive to remove him from office, and short of that, to break his legs politically so that he finds himself hobbled and paralized from doing anything substantive.

Having said that, all can expect that Judea, Inc–which welcomes Trump’s plans of reining in the mad dog known as the Jewish state as much as a vampire welcomes sunlight–will do whatever is necessary in order to prevent this process from moving forward even one millimeter. All can expect to see daily ‘terrorist’ attacks by Palestinians armed with knives, guns, whatever (stage managed of course by Shin Bet, Mossad, etc) in order to create the narrative that ‘po’ lil’ Izrul, jes’ try-n a get-along wif evruhbuda, but evruhbuda jes’ be-a haytin’ duh po’ lil’ juz’ aimed at creating constant and unrelenting political noise against any settlement of the Palestinian issue. If this–daily knife attacks, etc–fails to ‘do the trick’, then all can expect Judea, Inc to turn up the heat substantially with bombs going off in America, not done by ISIS, but rather some ‘Palestinian’ group.

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MG editor | 06/21/2017 at 6:11

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