Trump Bails on Globalist Climate Treaty! Globalists Screaming Bloody Murder Thru Their Globalist Owned Media-Nothing is Ever Enough For These Financial Criminals

Will Trump’s Climate Treaty Shatter The Globalist Agenda? -PontificationBlog
“Last week, President Trump caused rage at the G-7 meeting by standing alone, refusing to support the Paris Climate Accord, a globalist scheme to increase centralized government power and to transfer huge wealth from the advanced nations. This week he will decide whether to reject this agreement. Especially furious was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that the United States – and the United Kingdom, whose citizens voted last June to exit from the European Union – were no longer ‘reliable’ allies. Europeans, she said, must ‘take our fate into our own hands.’ What does this mean? Europe has been fighting World War III since at least 1999, the year the ‘Euro’ currency, really the Deutsche Mark in disguise, began replacing national currencies in Europe. This was Germany’s third attempt in a century to gain control of Europe, this time with economic instead of military weapons. Another part of this takeover, as Craig R. Smith and I explain in our latest book Money, Morality & The Machine, is the European Union (EU). The people of Britain decided to ‘Brexit’ when they noticed that 61 percent of the laws and regulations ruling them now come from an elite of unelected EU ‘Eurocrats’ in Brussels….As a nationalist, President Trump is, like George Washington, a threat to the imperialist globalist agendas of Europeans like Merkel, Putin and the European Union. But by attacking Trump and the United Kingdom economically, Merkel threatens to underm! ine the dollar and your individual job, savings, and investments. People need to ‘Merkel-proof’ their savings in simple, secure ways.”

My Comment:  Merkel (PM of Germany) is a Zionist of the Zionist cult and does not represent Germany but actually represents her Zionist Synagogue. (Private Club and you ain’t in it!)  The Zionists want ALL the money for themselves and screw the rest of humanity.  They are responsible for all the wars, starvation, slavery, child trafficking and killing, body parts businesses, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, snuff porn etc.  They created the United Nations/NATO and the alphabet agencies in the United States representing only globalist interests whom the American people are conned into believing represent them.

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