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Shocker: Study Unwittingly Links Vaccines to Autism

Posted: 14 Jun 2017 10:00 PM PDT

A new study links fever in pregnant women to an increased risk of autism in their babies.

MedicalNewsToday (6/13/17): “A study of a large group of children found a link between raised risk of autism spectrum disorder and their mothers reporting fever during pregnancy. The link was strongest with fevers reported during the second trimester.”

“The study – led by the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York City, NY – also found that the risk of autism increased in line with the number of fevers reported after 12 weeks of gestation – rising to 300 percent higher risk [of autism] with reports of three or more fevers.”

Next, here is a one-word item from the World Health Organization web page, Vaccine Safety Basics.

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The 40-Year Plan to Stop the Leakage at Fukushima Probably Failed Already

Posted: 14 Jun 2017 09:00 PM PDT

Six years plus after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that led to a partial meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant on March 11, 2011, a near total media blackout on this issue is signal that a colossal cover-up is taking place, as few major media organizations are giving this story its proper due.

Japan seems more concerned with stopping information leaks [i.e. cover up] about the disaster than with stopping the contamination of radioactive materials into the soil, groundwater, and Pacific Ocean.

The reactor and supplemental facilities are owned and operated by TEPCO energy, who’s since been the sole party involved in the work of stopping the meltdown and protecting the surrounding environment, although all their activities and procedures employed to stop the leakage at Fukushima were officially commandeered by Japan’s nuclear Regulation Authority.

In 2012, this cabinet-level bureaucratic agency within Japan’s government rolled out an official 3,695 page plan to stop leakage, decommission, decontaminate, and clean-up the doomed reactor.

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Scientists Discover Nearly-Extinct Ancient Tribe that Poisons Its Own Food and Trashes Its Ecosystems

Posted: 14 Jun 2017 08:00 PM PDT

Scientists have stumbled upon an astonishing discovery of an ancient tribe living on a remote Pacific island that ritually poisons its own food and trashes its food-producing ecosystems.

According to Dr. Eugene Navaroski from the Technical Institute of Ancient People, this nearly extinct tribe was discovered to engage in the most astonishing self-destructive behaviors:

– The tribe has a rudimentary monetary exchange system based on clam shells which are used in barter.

– The elders of the tribe have created revenue streams where they collect clam shells in exchange for toxic chemicals harvested from poison plants.

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The Sun’s Benefits Go Way Beyond Vitamin D

Posted: 14 Jun 2017 07:00 PM PDT

The sun has got his hat on, our moods feel lighter and we are gripped by a desire to soak up some solar rays. 

But no, we keep being told: the threat of skin cancer makes this potentially lethal.

Now, however, scientists are discovering a positive side to sun-worshipping. Getting a good dose of sunshine is statistically going to make us live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Emerging research indicates that sunlight may protect us against a wide range of lethal or disabling conditions, such as obesity, heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and multiple sclerosis.

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