George Soros, Zionist, is Running a Zionist Coup Against Trump For Zionists


June 2, 2017
May 22, 2017

By Barbara Boyd A coup against the duly elected President of the United States has been underway since his election. It is led by the Anglo-American elites who are wedded to the imperial world order they created following Franklin Roosevelt’s death, the globalist world order represented most graphically by the completely failed policies of the Obama and Bush administrations in the United States. It aims to crush the potential, represented by the Trump Presidency, a potential which could consign these elites and their murderous post World War II “New World Order” to the dustbin of…read more

My  Comment:  Who else is involved?  Hillary Clinton, Zionist & Obama, Zionist Puppet, and the Zionist run British Empire who wants to keep milking the United States citizens for taxes to IRS which go to the Bank of England and the Vatican, & to use the United States military to fight wars benefitting no one except these descendants of pirates-the British Monarchy with their Empire. George Soros is simply their gangster bagman.

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