Activism: Demand No NAFTA Renegotiation! (NAFTA will lead us to a Serf/Trillionaire Society)

Demand No NAFTA Renegotiation!

Written by  Monday, 05 June 2017 19:49

President Trump’s statement of “America First” resonated well with many Americans, and to a certain degree, he has lived up to that promise. But when he plays the politician card by trying to please everyone, he backtracks on that sovereignty agenda that America so desperately needs. In the cause of preventing global governance, a renegotiation of NAFTA will do more harm than good. A wave of resistance must continue to Get US Out! of NAFTA!

JBS members along with many other grassroots activists from organizations across the political spectrum successfully fought to end the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). President Trump’s signature to end the TPP gave hope to those who had worked so hard to make that happen. Now that same passion for freedom and liberty needs to shine through in this imminent NAFTA threat to our country.
If you’ve been following along on, you’ve seen our newest Get US Out! of NAFTA page. This covers not only the basics, but gives you an opportunity to dig deeper.
Use this page to make Trump act on what the people want and not be swayed by the Agriculture Secretary, the Commerce Secretary, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto or the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who all want a renegotiation of NAFTA. Renegotiation will add more government, not bring about less. Our current NAFTA agreement has decreased our standard of living, exported millions of jobs, and is the stepping stone to the North American Union modeled after the socialist European Union. This destruction and future devastation will come if we do nothing. Now is the time to make a difference by getting involved!
Start by letting the U.S. Trade Representative know what renegotiating NAFTA will do for our country. The USTR is asking for your input and we only have until June 12th to post comments. Let’s blow up the comment section this week and make our voice heard!
August 16 marks the earliest start of NAFTA renegotiations. That means that this summer is fundamental in informing others to put a stop to renegotiating this agreement! The best way to let the Trump administration, your representative, and your senators know the urgency and the importance of this is to call them!
•    President Trump: (202-456-1111)
•    Representative: (202-225-3121)
•    Senators: (202-224-3121)
But don’t stop there! Email them, post online comments, share articles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Demand that President Trump put America First by getting the U.S. out of NAFTA! Let’s be a nuisance! The future of America depends upon it.

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