Israel’s Intelligence Chief Determined to “Punish Americans”

Former Mossad chief: We need to punish the Americansby MG editor

Former Mossad chief says Trump’s actions may endanger Israel, warns against trusting US in the future.

ed note–and there you have it folks, the real reason for all the noise about Trump ‘leaking classified information’–to put him in an adversarial position vis a vis Israel just prior to his visit there where he is planning to put the muscle on Netanyahu in resolving this Palestinian situation. By his having ‘endangered’ the Jewish state by ‘leaking classified info’ to the Russians who are aligned with Iran and Syria, the picture being crafted is that the ENTIRE move to resolve the Palestinian situation is in effect a ‘Russian operation’ with Trump as the ‘asset’ or the ‘pawn’ of Vladimir Putin, whom the Jews hate and want to see removed as much as they do Assad, Nasrallah, and Trump himself. 

What this also means is that Judea, Inc understands that Trump is serious about resolving this situation and are now pulling out all the big guns in trying to bring him and his plans down before they even see the light of day.

So, the question that must be asked is obvious–Just how does Judea, Inc plan to ‘punish’ America? Another USS LIBERTY? Another JFK? Another Oklahoma City? Now that Israel’s ‘source’ within ISIS is said to have been compromised, the stage has been set for a terrorist attack in the US by that Israeli created group, so is this to be the mechanism by which it takes place?

What it also means is that all the ‘experts’ out there in all the various neighborhoods making up ‘the movement’ who forfeited reason in favor of excitement and emotionalism got it DEAD WRONG vis a vis Trump and what he plans to do. If he were truly the ‘pawn of Judea’ as so many have unfortunately asserted with dogmatic rigidity, the Jews would not be going to the lengths that they are at present in trying to bring him down, and if Trump IS taken down as the Jews want and replaced with Pence who is a died in the wool Zionist, then when the NEXT BLOODBATH of innocent Palestinians takes place, the one question all persons will be left to consider is whether that bloodbath would indeed be occurring if Pence had not been put into place, and put there as a result of the screeching campaign waged against Trump by Judea Inc to which unfortunately a disproportionately high number of people making up the ‘movement’ contributed.

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