Diseased Muslim Savages Brought in Via Rex Tillerson’s U.S. Department of State-Let Us Not Forget That “Christians” Were Used to Genocide About 100 Million Natives in North America Too…Let’s Get Past the Race, Color, Nationality, Religions & See the Real Enemy: Zionism-Synagogue of Satan!

Who is Bringing in These Disease Riddled Savages and Why Rex Tillersonʼs U.S Department of State! Hence, this entire scenario is being carried out under the auspices of the State Department and the United Nations directives for the distribution of what amounts to the human sewage of Africa into White Nations in order to decimate and hopefully erase all vestiges of our glorious White Cultures.  (My Comment:  Look at the title above.) It has happened before in NORAM when the red skinned Asiatics came to this continent and wiped the White People off the face of the land mass many moons ago. The REFUGEES are NOT refugees, but an INVASION FORCE coming to kill all Christians, White People in general, and anyone else who has no immunity from the diseases and bugs those vermin are carrying; no different from the infected rats Jews brought to Venice in those horrible times of the Black Plague in Europe which began in the 14th Century and wiped out 1/3 of the European people. Now Jews (Zionists!  My Comment) are at it again. Pay attention. Refugees are BIG MONEY. And, where there is big money to be made, you will always find Jews. In this case, Jewish agencies are organizing in greater numbers since the government fully funds their set up. The Jewish owned agency is paid, $2500 per creature for pick up at the airport, for example. These agencies are paid handsomely to find everything the vermin require to set up life in North America, from housing to: Instant Green Card, Medical Aid Plan, and a U.S. passport! They get a passport. In Canada similar things are taking place; where I have to jump through hoops and pay a lot of money just to prove my citizenship in order to get a Canadian Passport renewed and yet I have lived here for 56 years! Same goes for Americans. American and Canadian citizens now stand in the back of the line while human filth, reeking to high heaven, a plethora of bugs, viruses, and bacteria creeping and crawling about on their clothes and in their bodies are given First Class Treatment. That human sewage is even given Cash upon arrival. When the government agent giving out the money was questioned, she replied it was to cover gasoline costs, which is strange since the refugees do not have automobiles when they arrive. Now, listen to this to get your blood boiling: The medical agents accessing the scum are told to give them permanent disability status so they will have Social Security for DtRH presents: The Horror: An Indepth Look Into the Koran Page 134 life! The refugees are reclassed as, CLIENTS. Our own people suffer and those contagious human fungi get Social Security for life on our dollars. Since they breed like fruit flies it wonʼt be long and we will all be broke and destitute living in a fourth world slum in our own country; many of us dying horribly from exotic diseases or being chopped up by some frenzied Muslim Mob. The scum of the planet is brought into the country at NIGHT!!! It is claimed that is to save money since it supposedly costs less to fly at night. BULLLLLLLLLL SHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!! They are brought in by night so few people see them arriving in their glorious Islamic filth and corruption. There are often time no interpreters at the airport and no medical screening. The human rats are quickly scuttled off with a Jewish agencyʼs van to some undisclosed location; essentially being dumped on peopleʼs doorsteps. ʻHere you go. Here is you allotment of disease riddled Islamic retards for you to look after whilst they breed like the flies they are.ʼ The Jewish agencies are notified by the State Department regarding what is coming and how many to expect. The entire operation is being done UNDERCOVER because it is an invasion and Jews are behind it, yet again we see one of their nefarious schemes unfolding. Remember, D.J. Trump has surrounded himself with Azkenazi Jews, right into his very family and he has acknowledged that he is a Mason; a nefarious, secretive Jewish invention intended to help bring about their New World Order. “We are being set up for our own destruction.” – J. Rense Apparently lots of state governors do not know what is being done to their states with this nefarious, secret infestation. If they say NO, then the Wilson Fish Program by passes state sovereignty and the refugee program is completely taken out of the stateʼs hands and placed into the hands of a third party; one of those entities such as Catholic Social Services and the proliferating Jewish agencies. Again, I repeat: The Refugees Are a Money Maker, oiy vey. Some people have suggested we simply turn off the tap. If we do that, then the chimp hybrids will burn our cities down. Donald J. Trump promised during the election campaign to deal with the refugee/migrant question so he temporarily bans travel from six Muslim countries. Whoopee do. The human sewage is still coming in droves and we have been largely disarmed and are not allowed to protect ourselves. Trump has stabbed us in the back it seems. ADVOCATE NOW! STOP THE INVASION! Trump can stop all of this with the stroke of a pen. DEMAND IT!!!!!!!! Demand it NOW!!!!!! Final Notes: Muslims will tell you, if you discuss this exposé of the Koran that you or I are reading the wrong version of their holy book. Do not accept this because it is a lie. Just as Jews are admonished to lie, so are Muslims. There is only ONE VERSION of the Koran. DtRH presents: The Horror: An Indepth Look Into the Koran Page 135 There are translations of the book into other languages but the content is the same. MUSLIMS LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH ABOUT THEIR CULT. NEVER BELIEVE A MUSLIM or A JEW.

This last Thursday night I listened to a very disturbing revelation from a woman who worked with a United Nations Refugee Resettlement Program; indeed she sat in on meetings in which the future of highly infectious, Muslim Sub Saharans was determined. She could no longer remain silent and neither can we afford to be silent on this. She spoke with an interviewer named, Josh Tolley. The interview was presented by Doctor Patricia Doyle in conversation with Jeff Rense on the Rense Radio Network. I made copious notes. The information you are about to read is going to blow your mind. You will become extremely concerned, frightened even. If you do not take immediate action to prevent what is coming at us in NORAM, we are also going to lose our home land to a very dark future in which our children and grand children will suffer horribly. Pay attention now. The ʻRefugeesʼ are NOT legitimate refugees and they are NOT VETTED. They are mostly young men aged 18 – 45. There are very few women and children coming in. Only 3% are Christians from the Congo; these are sponsored by Christian churches and of a different calibre and have paper work. Most of those other mostly male refugee creatures have absolutely NO paper work. They are simply identified by American government DtRH presents: The Horror: An Indepth Look Into the Koran Page 133 officials as: F.U.N.U. Full Name Unknown. They also have no medical certifications whatsoever, can not, or barely speak English and very many of them are carrying communicable diseases such as: H.I.V./AIDS, Tuberculosis, (TB), Leprosy, Small Pox, Monkey Pox, etc., plus bugs: lice, ticks, you name it. I saw a video of a Negroid chapʼs hair in the Calais Jungle which was literally crawling with bugs, hundreds of them; thousands even. The footage only showed what was crawling on the front of his scalp. I literally cringe when recollecting that footage recently in a You Tube. Do you realize that H.I.V and TB are air borne diseases and VERY easily communicated to others? NOBODY IS CLEANING THE AIR PLANES AND OTHER TRANSPORTATION VEHICLES IN WHICH THESE CREATURES ARE MOVED ABOUT FROM THE DARK CONTINENT TO WHERE THEY ARE DROPPED OFF. Airlines normally do not clean the cushions and blankets very much. Ear buds are often time not cleaned and simply repackaged. FACT. It is one of the reasons I no longer travel with commercial airlines or busses. I do not go on people soup excursions at sea, albeit you canʼt get on a cruise ship if you have had a fever the night before boarding. Cruise lines practice extreme vetting and still have problems at sea with viruses, bacteria, and bugs. Now, many of you who still rely on public transportation had better be wearing haz mat suits with double filtered breathing masks.———————————————-

My Comment:  Didn’t Christians have picnics around lynchings of Blacks?  Weren’t the European Christians involved in the mass murder of natives for their LAND?  No one is innocent.  It is time for all of this racism, race hatred, superiority complex to END.  All are guilty of GENOCIDE & No One is Exempt or entirely innocent. 

Weren’t the Jews killed by Nazi’s in WW2 and horrific mind control experiments done on them?  Let’s face the facts.  WW2 was a Zionist funded war and Zionists HATE EVERYONE!

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