Christian Zionists & Zionism: The Flag of Israel is Zionist Not Jewish Which is Symbolized by the Menorrah

What is the difference between a “Zionist” and a “Christian Zionist”?

The following is an excerpt from the book-

Christian Zionism

A Road Map To Armageddon?


Author: Stephen Sizer




Underneath the beautiful Sea of Galilee lies a hidden fault-line that runs down from Mount Hermon through the Jordan Valley to the Red Sea, the Arabian peninsula and on to the heart of East Africa. Over thousands of years, earth- quakes along this fault-line have devastated countless civilizations. Today there is a human fault-line running through the same land – a fault-line that is largely hidden from view until it erupts in violence. The cause of these volcanic eruptions has to do with the pressure of two peoples, like two tectonic plates, trying to occupy the same land – one the military occupier, the other the occupied. The media present this as a clash between two cultures, Palestinian and Israeli or Oriental and Western. As I hope to show, the convictions of Christian Zionists have made a significant contribution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Zionism defined

In general terms, Zionism may be defined as ‘the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. The term ‘Zionism’ was first coined in 1892. by Nathan Birnbaum, then a student in Vienna. A year later in 1893, he published a booklet entitled, 1he National Rebirth of the Jewish People in Its Homeland as a Means of Solving the Jewish Problem, in which he advocated Jewish nationalistic ideas that Theodor Herzl was to later expound in A Jewish State, published in 1896.

At the First World Zionist Congress, which Herzl convened in Basle a year later, in 1897, he and Birnbaum articulated the deep longings of many Jewish people for their own homeland. Various strands of Zionism emerged in the early twentieth century including practical, socialist and communist. The most recent and probably most destructive form to appear is known as Messianic Zionism. Distinct from much more traditional and less extreme expressions of Zionism, this is associated with individuals like Rabbi Kahane and Gershon Salomon, together with the Gush Emunim movement and the Temple Mount Faithful. Messianic Zionism was spawned from within the ultra-Orthodox subcultures of the ‘Charedi Bible-belt’ around Jerusalem following the 1967 ‘Six Day War’. The Charedim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) were, according to Sachar, ‘the first to embrace the territorialist mysticism inherent in the 1967 triumph and came to be a decisive factor in Likud’s electoral victory in 1997.


Equating Arabs with the ancient Amalekites, and convinced they have a divinely ordained mandate to carry out ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from Israel, religious Zionists have been in the forefront of the illegal occupation of Palestinian land, attacks on Muslims and mosques and the systematic expansion of the West Bank settlements, especially in places like Arab East Jerusalem and Hebron.


Ironically, the Zionist vision which initially called simply for a ‘publicly secured and legally assured homeland for the Jews in Palestine’, was largely nurtured and shaped by Christians long before it was able to inspire wide spread Jewish support. As will be shown in chapter one, proto-Christian Zionism predated and nurtured Jewish Zionism, while the contemporary Christian Zionist movement emerged only after 1967, alongside Messianic Zionism, in part in reaction to the widespread criticism Israel has endured over the last thirty-five years.


Christian Zionism defined

At its simplest, Christian Zionism is a political form of philo-Semitism, and can be defined as ‘Christian support for Zionism’. The term ‘Christian Zionist’ first appears to have been used by Theodor Herzl to describe Henri Dunant, the Swiss philanthropist and founder of the Red Cross. Dunant was one of only a handful of Gentiles to be invited to the First World Zionist Congress. Walter Riggans interprets the term in an overtly political sense as ‘any Christian who supports the Zionist aim of the sovereign State of Israel, its army, government, education etc., but it can describe a Christian who claims to support the State of Israel for any reason’.

Evangelicals, in particular, are increasingly polarized as to whether Christian Zionism is biblical and orthodox or heretical and cultic. Two mutually exclusive positions have emerged – that of covenantalism and dispensationalism. A detailed examination of both is available elsewhere. Colin Chapman observes, ‘It is hard to think of another situation anywhere in the world where politics have come to be so closely bound up with religion, and where scriptures have such a profound effect on political action.,

Walter Riggans, for example, elaborates on the relationship between theology and politics in Zionism:


A biblical Zionism, which is surely the desire of every Christian, will be fundamentally about God and His purposes. Thus Zionism, when seen in a proper Christian perspective, will be understood as a branch of theology, not of politics. . . The State of Israel is only the beginning of what God is doing for and through the Jewish people.

He goes on to suggest that Christians should not only support the idea of a Jewish State, but also support its policies: ‘. . . in the most modest of ways I would suggest that Christians. . . must give support in principle to the State of Israel as a sign of God’s mercy and faithfulness, and as a biblical mark that God is very much at work in the world’.


While not specifying the geographical extent of Zion, the Israel branch of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism, which draws together most evangelical and charismatic denominations, as well as Messianic and evangelical mission agencies, made the following commitment in 1989:


We affirm our belief that, as part of the fulfillment of God’s promises in the Bible, the Jewish people have a right to the land of Israel. We further affirm the legitimacy of the Jewish national political entity in the land within safe and secure borders.


Advocates argue, therefore, that Christian Zionism is born out of the conviction that God has a continuing special relationship with, and covenantal purpose for, the Jewish people, apart from the church, and that the Jewish people have a divine right to possess the land of Palestine. This is based on a literal and futurist interpretation of the Bible and the conviction that Old Testament prophecies concerning the Jewish people are being fulfilled in the contemporary State of Israel.


For Christian Zionists, God’s promise to Abraham remains unconditional and eternal:


‘To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates. . . The whole land of Canaan, where you are now an alien, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God.’ (Gen. 15:18; 17:8)


Invariably, Christian Zionists are therefore also defenders of, and apologists for the State of Israel. This support consistently involves opposing those deemed to be critical of, or hostile towards Israel, but also leads to the justification of Israel’s occupation and settlement of the West Bank, Golan and Gaza on biblical grounds.

Whether consciously or otherwise, Christian Zionists subscribe to a religious Jewish agenda best expressed by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who claims: ‘We should not forget. . . that the supreme purpose of the ingathering of exiles and the establishment of our State is the building of the Temple. The Temple is at the very top of the pyramid.’ Another rabbi, Yisrael Meida, explains the link between politics and theology within Jewish Zionism: ‘It is all a matter of sovereignty. He who controls the Temple Mount, controls Jerusalem. And he who controls Jerusalem, controls the land of Israel.’ This paradigm may be illustrated by way of three concentric rings, The land represents the outer ring, Jerusalem the middle ring and the temple is the centre ring. The three rings comprise the Zionist agenda by which the land was claimed in 1948, the Old City of Jerusalem was occupied in 1967 and the temple site is being contested. For the religious Zionist, Jewish or Christian, the three are inextricably linked. The Christian Zionist vision, therefore, is to work to see all three under exclusive Jewish control since this will lead to blessing for the entire world as nations recognize and respond to what God is seen to be doing in and through Israel.


As tensions simmer in the Middle East, so the stakes are raised to gain the moral high ground, and the Bible is used both to silence Israel’s critics as well as to castigate her. In such a polarized culture, anti-Zionism is equated with anti-Semitism and the Shoah exploited by what Norman Finkelstein describes as ‘holocaustology’ to immunize Israel from censure.


Grace Halsell, who regards the movement as a cult, asks: ‘What is the message of the Christian Zionist? Simply stated it is this: every act taken by Israel is orchestrated by God, and should be condoned, supported, and even praised by the rest of us.’ Dale Crowley, a Washington-based religious broadcaster, similarly describes dispensational Christian Zionism as the ‘fastest growing cult in America’:


It’s not composed of ‘crazies’ so much as mainstream, middle to upper-middle class Americans. They give millions of dollars each week to the TV evangelists who expound the fundamentals of the cult. They read Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye. They have one goal: to facilitate God’s hand to waft them up to heaven free from all the trouble, from where they will watch Armageddon and the destruction of planet earth.

The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), drawing together the historic as well as evangelical churches of the Holy Land, rejects Christian Zionism ‘as representing a heretical interpretation of Holy Scripture’, while John Stott has described it as ‘biblically anathema’.


Now that you know what a Zionist is read the following


Why do Zionists get their news articles  into every newspaper and magazine? Why do they appear on every TV news outlet, and get speaking engagements on every major university campus?  And why are they always called “experts”?

Is it because they now control the majority of major media outlets?  Yes, but this is only part of the picture.

Zionists succeed because they hire booking agents, or they operate through propaganda mills, which fabricate most of the information you see in the news.

Let’s examine how this works . . .


One  example — chosen at random is Benador Associates, a Washington “public relations firm” whose proprietor, Eleana Benador, is from Peru.  In the photo below, she is the blue midget-in-the-middle.  At right she is seen discussing Richard Perle’s comb-over…

When Perle was disgraced by multiple scandals and forced out of the Pentagon, he hired Benador to help him continue to spread his propaganda in the American news media.  In one humorous example, Perle wrote an op-ed  expressing doubts about the Iraqi bloodbath he helped plan in the first place, and then used Benador to get the piece into Vanity Fair magazine.  Vanity Fair promised it would not publish the op-ed until after the November 7th elections, but “accidentally” published it anyway, causing Perle to become enraged (”I never said that!” — but you wrote it — “Yeah, but I never said that!”)

Ms. Benador  cruises the parties, presses the flesh, and works the phones to get gigs for her clients.  Like many in her profession, she would have spent her life working at Wal-Mart if BushCo had not arranged for 9-11.

Immediately after 9-11, news channels needed “informed opinions” on why Americans must die in the neocon’s  wars of conquest.  Universities needed public speakers to explain why Iran must be bombed.  Congress needed “expert testimony” to help them convince the peasantry that more tax dollars should go to weapons makers (and Israel) than ever before.

To serve this exploding market, countless right wing booking agencies and “think tanks” sprang up overnight in Washington like so many toxic mushrooms, while other outfits that existed before 9-11 opened new “corporate offices” abroad.

We’ll focus specifically on “think tanks” below, but let’s continue with Ms. Benador, the Peruvian wonder-from-down-under.  Many of the American media’s most esteemed Zionists can be found in her client list, which includes not only Jewish Americans, but Muslim traitors who are so desperate for notoriety that they use Benador to get their trash into newspapers and magazines. One of those Muslim traitor-clients is Amir Taheri, seen below (right) with the Inca princess herself.

Taheri, an Iranian by birth, gets phone calls whenever Zionist rags need an “expert” quote on Iran.  In mid-2006 he dreamed up a whopper, and claimed that the Iranian government was forcing non-Muslims to wear special clothing.  To spread the lie, he had Ms. Benador contact a writer for the National Post of Canada, who wrote a story that appeared on the front page (May 18, 2006)…

Taheri claimed that all non-Muslims are forced to wear special clothing in Iran, but the National Post, being ultra-Zionist, * only mentions Jews in the headline. The absurd tale lit up the blogosphere and saw print in all major newspapers.  It was sexy and titillating, and had elements of a clever hoax, including foreign sources, vague details, and emotional appeal. Most importantly it had proper timing,  since Israel and the USA were desperate to regard Iran as Nazi Germany.

[*The National Post was founded by Conrad Black, a notoriously corrupt and multiply indicted semi-mobster.  Though he converted from the Aglican Church to the Roman Catholic Church in 1986, he never met a Zionist he didn’t like.  His “conversion” seems to have been for business purposes: in 2000 he described Roman Catholic archbishop Frederick Henry of Calgary as a “jumped-up little twerp of a bishop” for criticizing Black’s unscrupulous union-busting tactics.]

Unfortunately Taheri’s lie wasn’t big enough.  Successful hoaxes are so emotionally arresting (WMD, Mushroom Cloud) that Americans refuse to believe their own eyes when they see hard evidence that a story is false.  With Taheri’s lie, however, no Jews were being killed in Iran, and Israel was not involved, so Americans felt safe to check on the story without getting death threats from the ADL.  The lie was quickly exposed, and the National Post removed it from their web site, leaving right-wing loudmouths like Rush Limpbaugh to whine, “It may not be true, but it should be.”  Canada’s Prime Minister Harper said Iran is “very capable” of such actions anyway.  The New York Post ignored the retraction altogether.

Ms. Benador took the gaff in stride, driven with the zest of someone who has always been a loser, but is enjoying notoriety in a post 9-11 world.  Like fat-boy Karl Rove (who is also enjoying momentary glory) she works 18-hour days, arranging between 15 and 30 TV interviews for her Zionist clients a week, plus an average of five op-eds in influential newspapers.  Also she gets lucrative speaking engagements for clients like Dennis Prager and the neocon wannabe Robert James Woolsey Jr., who directed the CIA from 1993 to 1995. Krauthammer is another Zionist client.

These creeps are “renowned experts” because they pay Ms. Benador to relentlessly hound media outlets until someone prints their trash.


In this game, no knowledge is required to be an “expert.”  Indeed, most of Benador’s clients have never been to the Middle East, never learned any of the languages, and rarely (if ever) done any serious research into their areas of “expertise.”  Benador herself purportedly speaks ten or fifteen languages, and has traveled all over the planet.  However, the following post taken from her web site sounds like it was written by a child…

Today, xixteen [sic] years ago… Today, sixteen years ago already, in Geneva, Switzerland, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy… it was so unbelievable, after the full-term pregnancy of nine months, and I was well and walking around till the day before… it was a miracle for me… my way to tell the world that I am a normal woman, blessed by G-d with a son, my own flesh and blood… That’s how Gabriel was born…

This is a woman who furnishes national security “experts” for major news outlets.  Clearly she’s intellectually challenged, yet she’s found a market in news producers who work on tight schedules and need “experts” now.  Producers of news programs have no time to look for someone who has genuine knowledge (plus loyalty to Israel) so they call booking agents like Benador, who has a “stable” of monkeys already dressed in a suit and tie, sitting just minutes from the studio.

Newspapers do the same thing.  When a reporter needs an “official” quote to anchor a story, he can choose from hundreds of PR firms or think tanks…

Most of Benador’s clients are failed writers who cannot get their drivel published on its own merits.  Richard Perle, for example, once wrote a pathetic novel titled Hard Line, whose hero works late into the night at the Pentagon, single-handedly rescuing mankind from “liberals” who want to sign away America’s nuclear deterrent in a disarmament deal with the Russians.  Ten years later, Perle was cast in the real-life role of his fictional hero, but the Russians were no longer a threat, so he had to make do with Muslims.

Even former Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger wrote a couple of novels that went nowhere.


We might examine a list of sordid events involving other PR firms (such as Hill and Knowlton’s false claim that Iraqi soldiers were ripping babies from incubators and throwing them onto the floor) but space is limited, so let’s turn to think tanks, which are the main factories of Zionist propaganda.


The term “think tank” conjures up an image of quiet studied reflection on weighty topics. In reality, think tanks are propaganda mills that fabricate 80 percent of the lies you see or read in the news. (Politicians supply the other 20%).

Unlike the news media in most other countries, which welcome academics in the field of public discourse, the American news media relies  almost exclusively on think tanks, as does the U.S. government.  If a person is not from a propaganda mill in Washington DC, his opinion doesn’t count, regardless of how much knowledge he or she has.

The “think tank” label was originally applied in 1959 to the Rand Corporation, headquartered in Santa Monica, California. During the Cold War, the Rand people cranked out “studies” for the Pentagon that urged a preemptive nuking of Russia. Several other think tanks appeared later, but their number did not start to expand until 1970.

By the 1980s, think tanks began to take off.  Many were (and still are) fly-by-night operations consisting of one person, or a skeleton staff whose sole purpose is to issue canned press releases.

When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, think tanks worried about their future until  for 9-11saved the day . After that, think tanks exploded as never before.

Today there are about 3,500 worldwide, most of which are in Washington DC, where they can be found on every street corner.  This is where middle aged American Jews wind up when they can’t get real jobs.  They join a think tank and are given titles such as “senior fellow” or “adjunct scholar,” despite having little or no academic credentials. Unlike real academics, they are not expected to conduct research first and draw conclusions second, nor are they expected to submit their papers to peer review.  In fact, the term “think tank” is a misnomer.  These clowns don’t think; they justify.

Right wing think tanks are by far the most numerous and best financed, since they allow wealthy business interests to promote their elitist propaganda. For example, Wall Street firms support think tanks that urge the privatization of social security. And since think tanks are 501(c) operations, money given to them is tax-deductible. With funding from investment banks and the like, “scholarly institutes” churn out “studies” that use sophistry, charlatanism, and numbers voodoo to prevent genuine debate.

Donations to think tanks can be as big as the donor’s checkbook, and are usually secret. Meanwhile the nonprofit, tax-exempt status of think tanks makes them ideal for putting special interest money to work.

Some of the think tanks are federally funded. The U.S. Department of Defense sponsors ten of these, a few of which have abused their privileged status (and your tax dollars) by exceeding their charters and cranking out bilge for Zionists and other parties who get free “consulting” paid for by the media.

In all cases these operations are concerned with marketing and sales, not with accuracy or truth.  They deal in idea management, not “research.” For example, the Heritage Foundation publishes a telephone directory that lists thousands of right-wing “experts” and policy organizations.  Heritage also maintains a 24-hour hotline for the media, which provides quotes that promote Zionist or right-wing ideology on any subject.  Heritage’s “information marketing” department offers color-coded index cards with pre-printed talking points for any news organization that wants to do an interview.

Heritage also has news studios where reporters can tape interviews, with a 24-hour hotline for reservations. For smaller newspapers that don’t have money to pay Heritage fees,  hundreds of anonymous articles and op-ed pieces can be had for free.  Heritage also trains editors, reporters, and news producers in “computer-assisted research and reporting,” using Heritage computers.  Reporters can get e-mail bulletins on the “hottest topics,” with contact information for hundreds of Heritage-approved “experts,” classified into 180 areas of “expertise” (see image below).


Heritage computers track 3,500 journalists (organized by specialty), which Heritage staffers frequently call to make sure they are up on the latest misinformation.  Each Heritage “study” is printed out in a two-page summary, which is then turned into an op-ed piece, and then distributed to newspapers through the Heritage Features Syndicate.  Meanwhile Heritage network computers link “policy analysts” with Republican Party officials, right wing “experts,” and grassroots Zionist constituencies.  Heritage also publishes a “Resource Guide to Public Policy Experts,” which lists more than 2,000 individuals and 400 organizations, all of which support right wing or Zionist causes.  Further, Heritage runs a bi-monthly working group of right wing organizations, and maintains a speakers bureau to sow Zionist propaganda on college campuses.

As you can see, these outfits are serious about controlling what you think. The ultra-Zionist American Enterprise Institute and the neocon Project for the New American Century (PNAC) are think tanks.  So is the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies — which was the outfit that Richard Perle and Douglas Feith wrote the “Clean Break” paper for (1996), which provided the blueprint for Zionist wars of aggression in the Middle East.

Historically, think tanks have not been successful abroad, since foreigners recognize propaganda much more readily than do Americans.  Today however, American think tanks sell their advertising skills to dictatorships everywhere.  For example, the Brookings Institution collaborates with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, as does the Rand Corporation.

Some of these think tanks are huge, while others are boiler room operations involving no more than an individual with a computer.  Instead of blogging, these lone hacks write “studies” that support Zionist wars of aggression.  One example of a boiler room agent is the abrasive Rita Katz (below right), an Iraq-born Jewess whose family emigrated to Israel, where she married a Jewish doctor. Later the doctor got a job in the USA.

As a housewife, Katz spent her lonely days on the phone, crying to her mother in Israel.  She tried working at a couple of different jobs, but employers found her pushiness intolerable. After 9-11  Katz realized that few people in the U.S. government knew anything about the Middle East other than, “Israel good, all others bad.”  (Most Congressmen today still don’t know the difference between Shiites and Sunnis.) Voila–she had stumbled upon a Goyim goldmine.

Because Katz was born in Iraq, she spoke Arabic, and started translating documents in her spare time. Then she presented her results to anyone who would listen.  Like most people in her “profession,” Katz is a failed novelist, but found that the Goyim are willing to pay for imaginary terror “threats” that involve everything from botulism to poisoned adhesive on the back of printed postage stamps.

In 2003 Katz published a “non-fiction” book titled Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman Who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America.  In it, Katz arrogantly boasts that, “the F.B.I. didn’t possess one-thousandth of my knowledge on the relevant issues.”  Since Katz is female, the program “60 Minutes” brought her in for a segment on her book.  Katz, who fancies herself a secret agent (as does everyone else in the Zionist propaganda game) appeared on “60 Minutes” wearing a disguise.

Occasionally her arrogance and stupidity get her into trouble, as when she told authorities that Mar-Jac Poultry, a Georgia chicken farm, was sending money to terrorists. The charge was absurd, and Mar-Jac Poultry filed a lawsuit against Katz.

Regarding translation, an Arabic word can have four or five different meanings, but when Katz “renders” an Arabic document “correctly,” it turns out to be a call for suicide bombing.  Fortunately the Goyim don’t know the difference.  Unfortunately the field of “open-source counterterrorism” is now packed with James Bond wannabees who fight each other for attention.  Katz realized she had to find a niche, so she teamed up with one Josh Devon, who she met at school.  Mr. Devon had majored in social sciences in college, and faced a lifetime of flipping burgers and sitting at home reading science fiction novels. Thus he was delighted when Katz showed him how to exploit the horror of 9-11 for fun and profit.  Now Devon runs Katz’ “Search for International Terrorist Entities” web site.

The subject of translations brings us to a special category of “think tanks” that focus on creative interpretations of documents from the Middle East.  This is a crucial area, since the Goyim “know,” for example, that Iran’s President Ahmadinejad said, “Israel must be wiped off the face of the map.”  The Goyim “know” this because it’s been repeated countless times in the news media.  Of course this is another Zionist lie, like the hoax about Jews having to wear stars in Iran.  No such idiom exists in Farsi.  Ahmadinejad simply quoted an old speech of the Ayatollah Khomeini, who said, (translated strictly) “The occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”

Among the leaders in Zionist “translation” services is the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which was started by two flaming American Zionist Jews. One was Yigal Carmon, a former colonel from Israeli military intelligence. The other was Meyrav Wurmser, whose hubby Douglas was special assistant to beaver-haired John Bolton when the latter was an Undersecretary of State.  In 2004, the FBI charged Douglas Wurmser with passing espionage secrets to AIPAC and to Ahmad Chalabi.  After that, Douglas Wurmser slithered off to the place where all Zionists go when they are out of power or out of favor: a think tank.  Today he is a member of the ultra-Zionist American Enterprise Institute.

Back in 1996, Douglas Wurmser and his wife Meyrav helped Richard Perle and Douglas Feith write the “Clean Break” paper (the actual title was “Rebuilding Zionism”), which called for an end to peace talks with Palestinians. It also urged the bombing of Syria, and demanded that the Goyim invade Iraq.

In 1998, Yigal Carmon and Meyrav Wurmser started the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) which followed the trail of people like Yasser Arafat, hoping to catch them saying something in Arabic that they wouldn’t say to Americans. Occasionally Arafat would go to Egypt and speak plainly, whereon Ms. Wurmser would translate his statements into juicy “gotchas” for the American media.

MEMRI scours Arabic newspaper articles, television shows, political statements, sermons, textbooks, food labels, and bathroom graffiti for any phrase or syllable that does not praise Israeli aggression. Juicy nuggets are then forwarded to the Goyim for punitive action.

Like most other Zionist lie factories, MEMRI got its biggest break with 9-11, which created an urgent need for translations of Arabic and Farsi documents that were “accurate” (i.e., supportive of Zionist aggression). Requests for translations poured in not just from American Goyim, but also from right-wing politicos in Europe, Japan, Turkey, and elsewhere. Amid this bonanza, Ms. Wurmser immediately hired a dozen translators (today up to 40) and opened “branch offices” in Jerusalem, Berlin, London, and Tokyo.

MEMRI receives generous contributions from 250 donors, plus multiple foundations, which pay tens of thousands of dollars for “annual reports” that support Zionist causes. MEMRI itself pays no taxes. (Taxes are for the Goyim.)

Today Ms. Wurmser and her merry staff of hate-mongers work around the clock with missionary zeal to spread the Zionist word. Their lies are quoted in major newspapers and magazines, such that most of the Goyim now consider MEMRI to be an “awesome source of truth.”

And so, gentle reader, you now have the secret to better blogging. The trick is to hire a booking agent, or start your own “terrorist hunting” web site, or else apply for a job in a think tank. Then you will become an instant “expert” in any field you like, provided you support war, corporate elitism, and Zionism above all.

The price tag?

Just a few measley dollars , plus your soul.

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