Vatican Child Killings (Beltane Murders) to Be Halted By Court-Chinese & Russians Involved

My Comment:  Big Satanic Gathering in Western Nations April 30th involves child killings in Satanic Rituals Being Held in These Cities:

Paris, London, Rome, Montreal, Washington, D.C., Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt, and Terra, Ireland.  Elite will be participating in Catholic Churches. The Vatican is a criminal body and is disestablished because of its criminality.  Current pope pushes homosexuality and says Jesus is a lie-this creep does not represent anyone but Satanists.  He is a Satanist himself and I am 100% certain he will be at these Satanic ceremonies.  Be the Change.  Support these groups interrupting these Satanists and support them financially.  Be the Change!  The Catholic Church aids and abets these killers.


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