President Assad Protects Christians While ISIS Backed by America Murders Christians! Zionists HATE Christians! United States Totally Controlled by Christian Hating Zionists At Top of Government!

Syrian Warplanes Took Off From ‘Destroyed’ Airbase
And Hit (US) Terrorists, Just Hours After Trump Attack

Syrian Jets Back Using Airbase Hours After Tump Attacks

Trump’s Support Decimated Unless He Stops NOW – Coulter

Trump’s Biggest Fans Desert Him Over Syria

Russia Suspends ALL COMMUNICATIONS With Pentagon

Russia Suspends Flight Safety Memo In Syria

Kremlin Tells Zionist Trump US Is ‘One Step From War’

Kirwan – Trump Trump’s Himself

Idiot Trump Touts War With Syria

Trump Now A War Criminal & US Is A Terrorist State

Russian PM – ‘US On Brink Of Military Clash With Russia’

Roberts – ‘Nuclear War Much More Likely’

Trump Violates Constitution By Ordering Syria Strike

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard -Trump’s Attacks Reckless, Short-Sighted

Trump Said Very Pleased With Himself

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