Love Your Criminals in the Name of the State and Patriotism…Too Bad It’s All Lies!

My Comment:  Very corrupt Tillerson, Zionist Shabbos Goyim, tries to find common ground with Russia (non Zionist, non Shabbos Goyim)….Good Luck!  Note the Sarcasm!  Part of being a good, Shabbos Goyim involves supporting gay rights, transgenders, abortions, war, women’s Rights, destruction of the goyim families, euthanasia, overthrowing leaders who support their people with violent coups, massive war crimes like in Vietnam, etc.  It’s all evil.  Being a Good Shabbos Goyim involves supporting the Synagogue of Satan’s NWO evil reign over the world.  I couldn’t make this up! It’s this bad and the average American is brainwashed to support the Synagogue of Satan in the name of Christianity.  Laughable if the results were not so horrific!

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