“Jews” Have New Psychiatric Diagnoses Made Up To Incarcerate & Marginalize Those Awakened to Mandela Effect

My Comment:  You absolutely MUST listen in at 35 minutes 39 seconds and see how those awakening to the Mandela Effects Are Being targeted by these illuminati criminals creating the Mandela Effects.  The illuminati Zionist “Jews”  will make a fortune drug addicting the spiritually awake with synthetic poison pills.  To really see how evil these Synagogue of Satan Zionist “Jews” are watch the following interview with a major NYC Rabbi:

My Comment:  A dissertation could be written about this Rabbi’s exposure of “Jewish”  actually Synagogue of Satan Zionists lies & deceits, addiction to money, child murders in basements and using the body parts of children in their owned Zionist franchises like McDonald’s (where franchisees are forced to buy this “meat”), using us Goyim to fight their illegal wars and laughing about killing us and the Arabs off to make money.  Truly these people are the devil’s children-the seed of Satan, children of Cain as in the original Christian Bible.

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