JCC Bomb Hoaxer Likely Connected to Zionists-Organized Crime

JCC bomb hoaxer made millions selling forged docs onlineby MG editor

After finding his bitcoin account, investigators believe Israeli-American teen sold counterfeit IDs on dark net for cryptocurrency

ed note–remember, this is the same ‘yoot’ we are told is autistic and not in  his ‘right mind’ but yet was competent enough to engage in a multi-year campaign of terror without getting caught, but as well, possessed enough presence of mind to engage in document/identity forgery (one of the first tricks of the trade they teach when joining any branch of Israeli intelligence) to the tune of millions of dollars of his personal enrichment. Furthermore, as to just who was acquiring these false documents, it is not that big a question mark, considering the fact that one of the primary objectives right now for Israel is in getting as many terrorists into America and the West in order to engage in acts of terror in order to keep the Clash of Civilizations going.  

This entire operation was not some ‘lone wolf’ situation as Judea, Inc would like to paint it, but rather had the likely blessings/oversight by the Judaic powers that be, the tail end of which was aimed at putting pressure on Trump but who then turned the tables on the whole matter by sending his FBI to Israel with warrant in hand to arrest this terrorist. Any ‘analyst’ in this movement who can’t put the necessary 2 and 2 together in concluding that this one instance alone defeats their incessant ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ nonsense needs to just give it up and find another hobby.

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