Isn’t It Time to Call D.C. to Quit Agitating N.K. With THAAD Missiles At Their Border?

My Comment:  Washington, D.C. has shown over & over that they have absolutely no regard for any human life…chickens are coming home to roost…Americans allowed their government to go full Batshit insane and now ARE the target…why won’t D.C. pay a few billion to fortify our electrical grid????  HUH???  They have 6.5 to 8 trillion missing at the Pentagon most likely funding Terrorists!  Stupid people allow insane psychopaths to destroy country after country after country.  North Korea hasn’t had any problem with anyone but the United States!  The Big Problem is that they Don’t want a Rothschild Bank so one must be forced on them right?  Why don’t these Globalists fight their own wars?  Only poor Americans fight these wars that the Zionist controlled Politicians authorize!

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