Is Trump Backed Into a Corner by Synagogue of Satan/Zionist Media?

Despite America First rhetoric, chemical weapons attack in Syria may force US president to take on greater involvement in global affairs

by MG editor

ed note–Just as Trump knew that the bomb hoaxes in the US were Judaic false flags, he knows as well that Assad did not do this, but is not free to say it in public due to the TSUNAMI of screeching that would ensue on the part of Judea, Inc and its tentacled operatives in the US Congress, to say nothing of the American people themselves who are prisoner to the intoxicating effects of the JMSM.

That being the case, Trump is going to SAY things that pander to this narrative. He may even make certain superficial gestures that give the appearance that he has ‘turned’, but all can rest assured that the picture that will be given for public consumption on the part of his administration will be a very different thing from what is actually taking place behind the scenes.

For all we know, there is a Seal team on the ground in Syria right now rounding up those who were responsible for this gas attack and the news of their capture–along with other troubling pieces of information linking them to Israel–is going to be dropped in the world’s lap in exactly the same way as the arrest of the Judaic terrorist in Israel took place. Read more of this post

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