Get United States OUT of the UN! UN is Zionist Creation!

New Revelations Encourage
Full Withdrawal from UN! 

Last week the AP published an explosive investigation that revealed shocking atrocities done to children by United Nations peacekeeping troops over the last decade. The AP exclusive article starts like a scene from a movie with abandoned children in Haiti merely struggling to survive, while the UN troops took full advantage of them in exchange for cookies, snacks, and a few dollars. Read more…

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The TNA Top Daily Headlines


MOAB and the Overseas Role of the U.S. Military 

With the news of fighting in Afghanistan, Syria, and the provocations in North Korea, we discuss the issue of sending the American military overseas in search of monsters to destroy. 

Putin Says U.S. Planning Fake Gas Attacks to Justify Missile Strikes


Russian President Vladimir Putin said he has information that the United States might fake chemical weapons attacks to justify new missile strikes on Syria. Read more…


Will Kevin Hassett Help Make America Great Again?  

Many are praising President Trump for picking Hassett, but he may only look great on paper considering he meets all the prerequisites of the past chairmen. Is he good for the Trump administration’s “America First” rhetoric?

Is Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos a Swamp Creature?  


Alex Newman, who is a teacher and co-author of a book on education, raises troubling questions about her links to establishment swamp creatures such as Jeb Bush, and her past support for Common Core.



FreedomProject’s Camp Freedom Registration Open 

FreedomProject is proud to announce the return of Camp Freedom, four days of fascinating short classes, covering topics from the Second Amendment to Fake News. Register today!

FreedomProject Academy Has Tuition Assistance 
Did you know FreedomProject Academy offers tuition assistance? See how FPA is helping families across the world through our Classical Online School.

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