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LaRouche: No Threats, No Provocations over Korea. The Order Is, Don’t Do It!

With the British looking to blow up the Korean Peninsula, Lyndon LaRouche declared that the situation had to be “calmed down” immediately. He emphatically warned that this is a wild region where things can run out of control very rapidly, and that it is a region he knows very well. There can be no threats, verbal or otherwise. There should be talks, with no element of threat. The problem has to be pre-controlled, not after war breaks out.READ MORE

U.S.-China Cooperation, 2017: Helga LaRouche Keynote

Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s keynote address to the April 13-14th conference, “U.S.-China Cooperation on the Belt & Road Initiative,” exploring the corresponding ideas in Chinese and Western thought.


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